#BREAKING 265 Killed and over 1000 Injured after Military Coup attempt in Turkey - Please PRAY

A  military coup has failed in Turkey. The President flew over the country, waiting to see what would happen. The leaders of the coup are still unknown. Approximately UPDATE 265 people were killed in clashes and 1,400 wounded. About 200 soldiers who engaged in the operation are arrested. The International community is concerned. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to Istanbul late Friday July 15, 2016. This was after police and loyalists stopped the army group from taking over the country. The President was supported by the populace, he spoke on live national television to say that the coup attempt was an "act of treason" and the army must be cleansed.
The Prime Minister said the situation in the country was under control. Turkey has appointed Umit Dundar as the head of its First Army. The army had said it had taken control of the country and imposed Marshall Law. The group gave a statement from the group was read on TRT Television. There are reports of tanks that fired at the Parliament in Ankara and a private TV station reported a bomb attack on the Presidential Palace. The Prime Minister has ordered aircraft hijacked by coup plotters to be shot down. Over 3000 people have been arrested in connection with the coup.