#BreakingNews Franciscan Brother Murdered in Venezuela - RIP Brother Diego - Please Pray...

Aragua (Agenzia Fides) –Franciscan Brother Diego Bedoya, a member of Hermanos Franciscanos de la Cruz Blanca (White Cross Franciscan Brothers) who runs Casa Hogar in the town of La Victoria, Aragua state of Venezuela, was found dead at the break of day yesterday, Monday 10 April, in his office. The news has been confirmed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Venezuela. Other local sources informed Fides that the Religious was reportedly murdered during a burglary, and had a knife wound to his neck.
Fra Diego, a Colombian, had been in Venezuela for more than 15 years engaged in pastoral ministry at Casa Hogar which cares for elderly people and disabled children, at present there are 65 inmates. The Home works closely with the White Cross brothers who provide food and other necessities. The thieves escaped with all the Home’s food stores.
Brother Diego Begolla’s body showed signs of a fight which would indicate that he was maltreated before being murdered. The police confirmed that other items had been stolen including a PC and other objects of value, besides all the food stores for the elderly inmates and disabled children.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 11/04/2017)