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Historic #ProLife Speech for Human Rights and Freedoms - Part I by William Baptiste, SFO

Media Release:  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! Launches with Historic Parliament Hill Speech 
Which Forever Redefines the Abortion Debate Worldwide           
[April 21, 2017slightly modified April 30, 2017]
The new non-profit educational organization Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! made its official public launch on Canada’s Parliament Hill March 19, 2017 with its Founder’s first public speech, as the invited keynote speaker for the Pro-Life on Parliament Hill Rally in honour of Canada’s Patron Saint, Saint Joseph, on St. Joseph’s Feast Day.  Sometime-professor, Franciscan University of Steubenville Honors graduate and Third-Order Franciscan William Baptiste SFO, Founder and Director of the new Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, who has been analyzing worldwide trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” undermining Democracy and how to combat them since doctors where he lives lost their democratic freedoms of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans (by abortion and euthanasia) in 2015, introduced publicly to the world on March 19 what he calls the forgotten FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY and THE CORE PRINCIPLES OF LASTING DEMOCRACY, identified from undisputed historical and scientific facts connected with clear, sound logic which make it easy for anyone to learn just where Western human rights and democratic freedoms historically and logically come from, the traditional principles they were built on which they need to last.  His speech identified “new terms to clarify the essence of the central dispute of our time: Where do you stand on the current Human Rights for All Humans debate? Do you believe in equal Human Rights for All Humans, or do you believe human rights can and should be denied to some humans? That is, are you “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” ? The speech included THE TOP 6 FACTS FEW KNOW ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS HISTORY WHICH PROVE PRO-LIFE = PRO-DEMOCRACY and THE TOP 6 MAJOR ASSAULTS ON DEMOCRACY IN "PRO-CHOICE-TO-KILL-HUMANS" COUNTRIES SINCE 2015, with hints at “How YOU Can Learn and Participate in the Winning Strategy for the 'Culture of Life' to WIN the 'Cultural War' with the 'Culture of Death,' to Save Humanity Forever from 'Creeping Totalitarianism.' "  As his hour to speak during the Pro-Life on Parliament Hill Rally was up before he properly introduced this last topic, the rest of the intended speech was publicly presented in a “Part II” speech only blocks away from Parliament Hill, at Saint Patrick’s Basilica, the oldest English-speaking Catholic Christian Church in Canada’s Capital Region, on April 7, 2017.

Below is the text of the potentially world-changing and historic speech which cannot leave anyone with the same perspective on the abortion debate which they had before reading it (or watching it  at ).  Most on both sides of the current debate after being exposed to it will gain a much more educated and logical perspective that will make it difficult for the intellectually honest on either side to continue to tolerate continued legal abortion or the current trends of “Creeping Totalitarianism” now shown to be logically driven by legal abortion; and a perspective surprisingly hopeful of ending abortion quickly worldwide now that its “rotten fruit” of “Creeping Totalitarianism” has been clearly exposed using undisputed facts and sound logic.

Note:  Below is not an exact transcript of the full speech as it was delivered. It is a copy of the prepared speech which was dramatically read in its entirety on Parliament Hill up until the “Winning Strategy” section near the end which was finished in the “Part II” speech presentation on April 7, so that the video recording of the historic speech on March 19 would include the full intended content on the DVD (currently in production).  This below text does not include the “spontaneous” or “off the script” moments which were spoken on Parliament Hill, and it includes a few clarifications and additional notes indicated with [square brackets].  A booklet is currently in production entitled Full [and Enhanced] Text of the Recent Yet Historic Speech HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS BECAUSEPRO-LIFE=PRO-DEMOCRACY  Which Forever Redefined the Abortion Debate Worldwide, which will include all the “off the script” moments of the speech as actually delivered on Parliament Hill, the full (including “off the script”) text of the end of the speech delivered on April 7, and which will include substantial additional “enhancements” to the original speech text [indicated with square brackets], additional facts and logical arguments which among other things draw out the global significance of this speech delivered in front of Canada’s central government buildings. 
One can order the new book (scheduled for release in May) Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy:  The Antidote to Worldwide "Creeping Totalitarianism" Now Threatening Human Rights for All Humans, Religious Freedom, and Lasting Democracy, which the speech draws from, by going to .  One can link to a video of the game-changing March 19, 2017 speech at or directly on YouTube at .  One can view the (still under construction but very insightful) official website for Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, the new non-profit educational organization for teaching Westerners just where all their human rights and democratic freedoms come from (so they can last on their firm traditional, historical, scientific and logical foundations), at .  One can join and help form the new community of patrons financially supporting Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! (even just $5/month) in its world-educating and world-changing goals of human rights for all humans and lasting democracy and religious freedom at For more information, e-mail or call 1-613-761-0147. 

Introduction to Keynote Speaker William Baptiste SFO
at his March 19, 2017 Speech on Parliament Hill entitled:
Human Rights for All Humans because Pro-Life=Pro-Democracy
Before his Ph.D. studies at the Sheptytsky Institute and being a professor at Dominican University College in Ottawa (where he replaced Dr. Andrew Bennett, who was unable to meet his professor obligations due to his appointment as Canada’s Ambassador of Religious Freedom), William Baptiste SFO got his Master’s Degree with Honors at Franciscan University of Steubenvillewhere the Philosophy Chair testified in writing to the University President of “his tremendous academic talent” and “considerable power of mind;” a genius IQ which he has since used to discern and lay out clearly from the tangled webs of historical details the “golden threads” woven throughout history that give us all our Human Rights and democratic freedoms, described in his treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack and his new book Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy:  The Antidote to Worldwide "Creeping Totalitarianism" Now Threatening Human Rights for All Humans, Religious Freedom, and Lasting Democracy (to be published in May).   At Franciscan University, the famous Dr. Scott Hahn wrote William’s work was “outstanding,” “excellent,” “clear, thoughtful and thorough,” and the Theology Chair Dr. Alan Schreck endorsed William’s Donum Veritatis - The Gift of Truth Ministries “as an effective and important means to spread the faith and to promote Christian unity… It really is a ‘gift’ to the ‘Internet Generation.’” He was invited three times to the ecumenical Springtime of Faith Rome Summits (Catholic and Evangelical Christian leaders meeting with Vatican Officials) for being considered “one of the dynamic leaders building the New Springtime [of Faith].”
Having already co-founded Baptiste Family Ministries with his “dear Bride Lorelle” (and six children!), he recently founded the new non-profit educational organization Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!  in response to several major assaults on democracy where he lives since 2015, similar to many current compromises of genuine democracy all over the globe, which he will speak on during his talk.
 Prepared Text of the Speech

As a sometime university professor, now a “professor of human rights,” I could easily lecture for 3 hours.  But I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to inspire you, first with knowledge, and then with WINNING STRATEGY.  Before your eyes this afternoon I am going to redefine the terms of the abortion debate from now on, and give you CONFIDENCE that we can WIN the victory of Equal Human Rights for All Humans, born and preborn, far more QUICKLY than you ever imagined.  And we can end all the incessant attacks on religious freedom and democracy itself at the same time, because in my book Democracy 101 and the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy: The Antidote to Worldwide "Creeping Totalitarianism" Now Threatening Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Lasting Democracy, I prove in detail that Pro-Life=Pro-Democracy and this afternoon I can prove it with just the “Top 6” Facts!
This afternoon I can only give you a taste of all the educational resources and “Winning Strategy” Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! has been developing ever since 2 years ago the Ontario CPSO[College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario] took away doctors’ democratic freedom of conscience and free speech to object to killing humans by abortion, specifically to ensure “abortion access”unimpeded by the pesky morals of anyone who believes that humans are EQUAL and PRECIOUS – [which is] the [historical and logical] foundation of Democracy.  This means in Ontario [Canada’s largest Province] democratic freedoms of some citizens can be trampled as long as it means humans can be killed without anyone complaining – like in any totalitarian State [Additional Note: This is a worldwide anti-democratic trend.  Note that Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton in the United States even said publicly (April 23, 2015) that her government, to similarly ensure abortion access, would use "political will" to "change" "deep-seated…religious beliefs" – just like in totalitarian States!  It was those who had already suffered specifically abortion-related attacks on religious freedom under the previous U.S. administration, desperately afraid of losing their religious freedom to her even more aggressive and anti-democratic “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” stance, who unexpectedly “tipped the scales” to give her “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” opponent – for all his controversial faults and unconventional political style – a landslide victory.  The first politician in decades to court the vote of those with democracy-grounding traditional Western “Pro-Life” values of EQUAL HUMAN PRECIOUSNESS, instead of ignoring the obvious Human Rights violation of legal abortion and allowing it to continue to worsen, was given a completely unexpected landslide victory - all politicians in all countries should take note!  Also, please note that Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! is non-partisan and makes no judgements about politicians or political parties except in as much as their policies pertain to lasting Human Rights and democratic freedoms, as in the case of all human life issues.  All parties of both "Left" and "Right" at the foundation of all our modern democracies at least implicitly assumed, if not openly affirmed, traditional Western "Pro-Life" principles of human equality and human preciousness which the government is obligated to protect, continuing the Western norm since the Fourth Century of protecting human life right from the womb, and any party of "Left" or "Right" which has strayed from this should get back to their party's historical roots if they want Democracy to last long-term (and if they want Human-Rights-educated voters to vote for them).]
Once you realize how powerfully compelling and unassailable these new educational resources and strategies are, I hope that great HOPE growing inside you will make you hunger for more, and we can fill you! I encourage everyone here to fill out the sign-up sheets on the table for e-mail updates from Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, and I encourage all to come to the Lasting Democracy Study Nights here in our Nation’s Capital every Monday 7-9pm, starting tomorrow evening (details on the table), to get more fully than you can today the solid Human Rights education which is necessary to preserve Democracy now under attack here in Canada and around the world because the West has forgotten the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy.  Simply knowing (and spreading to others!) the historical and scientific facts and clear, sound logic underlying and undergirding all of our Human Rights and democratic freedoms will go a long way to ending both abortion AND all the current attacks on the TRADITIONAL WESTERN VALUES HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ARE BUILT ON.  [Additional Note: Lasting Democracy Study Nights all over the globe, where attendees read together (or listen to the audiobook of) and discuss Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and other works which instil “the education necessary to preserve democracy now under attack,” are part of the "Winning Strategy for the 'Culture of Life' to WIN the 'Cultural War' with the 'Culture of Death,' to Save Humanity Forever from 'Creeping Totalitarianism' ” which is introduced near the end of the speech.]
My book Democracy 101 powerfully demonstrates how traditional Western values are absolutely essential to BOTH the original development of AND to the long-term maintenance of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms for everyone (and it identifies the “3 Wrong Turns” the West took that have resulted in the current “Creeping Totalitarianism”).  But to introduce any thinking person briefly to this “education necessary to preserve Democracy now under attack" I have distilled these following "Top 6 historical facts" (pertaining only to de-criminalized abortion as the last of the "3 wrong turns" – for the others come to the Lasting Democracy Study Nights! or read Democracy 101):

Briefly recalling first the cold, hard scientific reality that every single human life is a unique living individual biological human organism with absolutely unique human DNA utterly distinct from his or her parents at every age and stage of his or her human life-cycle from zygote (fertilized egg) to senior adult, and this is not in dispute but is established scientific fact, I add to this:

The Top 6 Facts (or 6 “Clusters of facts”) Few Know About Human Rights History Which Prove PRO-LIFE = PRO-DEMOCRACY

Fact 1: “Pro-Choice Abortion” Philosophy and the Parental “Right to Choose” to Raise or Abort One’s Child is Not New but Ancient, Part of the Brutal Ancient Mindset Where Human Life was Cheap Not Precious, Before There Were Any Legally Recognized Human Rights. 

The “Pro-Choice” parental “right to choose” to either raise one’s child or to legally kill him or her by abortion is not new, only the name is new.   Before the 4th Century it was NORMAL for parents to legally choose to kill their unwanted human children by abortion (or infanticide – which some of today’s “Pro-Choice” philosophers similarly advocate for, calling it “after-birth abortion”).  It was also NORMAL for governments to legally enslave or kill their human citizens at will, for exactly the same underlying reason – THERE WERE NO LEGALLY RECOGNIZED HUMAN RIGHTS, including no legally recognizedInherent Human Right to Live, the most basic Human Right without which all others are meaningless.  Governments felt no necessary obligation to either protect or serve human lives for exactly the same reason that parents felt no obligation to necessarily raise their children but could “choose” to kill them by abortion – human life was considered cheap not precious.  Parents could sell their children into slavery or abort them because there were no recognized Human Rights.  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 2: Human Rights Were First Legally Recognized in 318 AD with the Criminalization of Abortion (and Infanticide) Because Human Life Then Started to Be Recognized as Precious Not Cheap (and therefore Killing Humans is Wrong). 
The “Pro-Life” principle that every human life without exception is not cheap but precious, and equally precious, such that governments are obligated to protect all human lives, is also not new but ancient (only the name is new), a specifically Christian principle which the West first adopted in 318 AD, five years after Christianity was legalized (and ceased to be brutally persecuted by the brutal ancient mindset Christianity gradually replaced) in 313 AD.  This Christian, “Pro-Life” principle was first given practical expression when for the first time Human Rights became legally recognized and protected by law with the 318 AD CRIMINALIZATION OF ABORTION and infanticide specifically because human life was no longer considered cheap, to serve the greater State, but from now on precious, and the State was since then obligated to protect precious human lives from the womb (who then became known as precious persons – the very word and concept of personhood is rooted in the Christian doctrine of the One God in Three Persons who lovingly made humanity “in God’s Image.” So as long as any humans have been called “persons,” preborn humans have been called “persons” – with legally recognized Human Rights). This gradually changed the whole way humans were governed. Before this, Western governments were judged by their civic accomplishments, often on the backs of their cheap human subjects (1/3 of whom were slaves).  After this, Western governments were judged by how well or poorly they treated the precious human persons (from the womb) they ruled because it was since then generally recognized in the West that killing humans is wrong.  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.
Fact 3: Precious Human Life Was Protected by Law or Custom Right from its Beginning in the Womb from the 4th Century to the 20th Century (During Which Time Modern Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Gradually but Logically Developed from the Foundational Principle That Every Human Life is Equally Precious, Which is WHY Each Human Deserves an Equal Say or Vote), Until the First Two Modern Nations to De-Criminalize Abortion Were Soviet Russia (in 1920) and Nazi Germany (in 1934) – Totalitarian States Threatening the Lives and Freedoms of Citizens Just Like Those Back When Legal Abortion was the Ancient Norm.
. . . these two governments perpetrated the two largest genocides of born humans in history: the Soviet Holodomor – the forced starvation to death of 7-10 million Ukrainian humans in 1932-3, just as the Nazi Holocaust of 6 million Jewish humans (plus handicapped humans) was getting started . . .  AFTER de-crimnalized abortion had already established in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany that there was no longer any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live as had been recognized by law or custom since 318 AD.  Thus logically these governments no longer felt any obligation to protect or serve born humans either, logically leading them to descend back into the oppressive governmental totalitarianism that was NORMAL in ancient times back when legal abortion was NORMAL.  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.
Fact 4: 3 important things happened in 1948 specifically intending to make sure anything like the de-humanizing Nazi atrocities that denied Human Rights to some humans never threatened Democracy and Human Rights again1) The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials condemned the Nazis for Legal Abortion they encouraged mothers to ask for, describing Legal Abortion as “an inhumane act,” an “act of extermination” and a “crime against humanity” because 2) (as the newly-formed UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared the same year) Human Rights are for ALL humans “without distinction of any kind” because “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of ALL members of the human family is thefoundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” 3) The 1948 Declaration of Geneva, in response to the Nazis de-criminalizing both human-killing abortion and human-killing euthanasia in violation of the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients, similarly reaffirmed the Hippocratic Oath Tradition in the doctor’s promise, “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity.” In 1948 the West knewkilling humans is wrong (and doctors don’t kill patients) because humans have inherent Human Rights, and at Nuremberg the West realized everyone has a human responsibility torecognize those rights in other humans or else totalitarianism and atrocities happen.
While the Nazi atrocities which degraded and devalued human life in so many ways were still fresh in everyone’s minds, everyone recognized that de-criminalized abortion and euthanasia, which the Nazis would have forcefully imposed on the Free West if the Nazis had won World War II, were a consistently logical part of the whole anti-human Nazi approach to human life and so treated them as “crimes against humanity.”  In any country where the equal precious value of every human life or equal “Human Rights for all humans” is not a given but considered a matter of “opinion” and “politics” rather than as the very foundation of Human Rights and democracy which it is – like in 1930s Germany concerning Jewish humans and like today concerning preborn humans – that country has already lost its democratic soul and (like in 1930s Germany) its democracy simply cannot last.  If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice” (that is, “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans”), this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.
Fact 5: As any thinking person would totally expect once knowing the above facts, of course the “Free West,” since following the Totalitarian Soviet and Nazi precedent of de-criminalizing the abortion of preborn humans (thereby cancelling out the legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live which is the foundation of all Human Rights and Freedoms), has in fact introduced “Creeping Totalitarianism” into Western democracies, gradually but logically undermining Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms and making Western democracies gradually take on more and more characteristics of Totalitarian States.
. . . Like traditional Western believers in the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception in Nazi Germany were afraid to speak openly their traditional belief on behalf of Jewish humans who had been “legally devalued” (and killed in the millions) for fear of negative consequences like losing their jobs or being arrested, so today more and more citizens in more and more professions and jurisdictions are becoming more and more afraid to speak at work this same traditional, democracy-grounding belief on behalf of preborn humans who have been similarly “legally devalued” (and killed in the millions), for fear of job discipline, or losing funding, and peaceful Human Rights advocates protesting human-killing near abortion clinics have been similarly arrested and jailed . . . many medical professionals and parents and other citizens RIGHT NOW in Canada and throughout the West experience truncation of their democratic freedom to express the traditional values Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms are historically and logically built on (like “killing humans is wrong), for fear of consequences – like in Totalitarian States.  How many of you have experienced this? Raise your hands! [hands were raised during the speech!] “Creeping Totalitarianism” is a world-wide “Pro-Choice” anti-democratic trend driven by the internal logic of “Pro-Choice Abortion” philosophy itself, which to continue unimpeded necessarily must bully and hammer away at the democratic rights and freedoms of those doctors and other medical professionals who object to killing humans, and of all who believe human life is inherently valuable, to silence them to make sure humans can be killed without anyone complaining – like in every Totalitarian State, ancient or modern. . . . This gradual loss of Democracy by many small stages (as in 1930s Germany) is completely logical, because like any structure, Democracy simply cannot last without its foundation, which is the EQUAL precious value of every human life without exception, which the government is always obligated to protect. Without this democratic foundation, we are becoming DINOs – Democracies In Name Only. If you did not know this fact and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.

Fact 6: Legal Abortion (with its profitable Abortion Industry) is every bit as fundamentally incompatible with Democracy as Legal Slavery (with its profitable Slave Trade) was, for precisely the same reason: Both (like the Nazis) deny Human Rights to some humans (making “Human Rights” meaningless if not all humans have them) and both violate the same traditionalFoundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy that every human life without exception is EQUAL and PRECIOUS, which is the underlying reason Western governments stopped being oppressive and totalitarian, and eventually gave every human a vote or democratic say in his or her own governance, in the first place.  Legal Abortion needs to be abolished for precisely the same reason Legal Slavery did.  It is fundamentally anti-human & anti-democratic.

. . . few know that legally devalued Black humans by the tens of thousands died tightly chained together in their own waste on slave ships before they even got the chance to be slaves, at plantations with poor safety standards where many died working as slaves, just as legally devalued Jewish humans were killed in the millions in Nazi Death Camps and just as legally devalued preborn humans are today killed in the millions in abortion clinics.  The original (Christian) Abolitionists called for the Abolition of Legal Slavery for the sake of equal Human Rights for all humans which is the foundation of Democracy.  “Pro-Lifers” are literally the New Abolitionists, calling for the Abolition of Legal Abortion because they are championing precisely the same Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy that every human without exception – whether Black, Jewish, or preborn – has Equal Human Rights including an Inherent Human Right to Live. 

[Additional Note: William Wilberforce, the great champion of equal Human Rights for All Humans and the major figure behind ending legal slavery in the British Empire, after he revealed the truth about the widespread violation of the very same “Pro-Life” principles of the supreme and equal value and dignity of every human life in his day, which was legal slavery rooted in ignorant bigotry against Black humans (instead of today's violation of legal abortion rooted in ignorant bigotry against preborn humans), said:  “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”  Similarly, if you are “Pro-Choice,” now that you have been exposed to just “The Top 6 Facts Few Know About Human Rights History Which Prove Pro-Life=Pro-Democracy,” these facts alone have now exposed the ignorance behind your bigotry against preborn humans that makes you (just like slave-owners) deny equal Human Rights to some humans.  And like the slavery-supporting bigots in Wilberforce’s day, there will still be strong temptation motivated by self-interest in many to resist the realization of how much the Pro-Choice mindset undermines and cancels all Human Rights and freedoms, so many will (as in Wilberforce’s day) still choose to “look the other way.”  But now Pro-Choicers cannot say that nobody told them and showed them they were in fact logically destroying democracy itself for everybody, all for the sake of their self-interested pleasure and/or convenience which is deadly to their fellow humans still in the womb.  Also, please note that specifically BECAUSE legal abortion violates the very same underlying principle of EQUAL HUMAN PRECIOUSNESS that legal slavery did, most of what William Wilberforce said about the cause of abolishing slavery (so as to recognize equal Human Rights for All Humans) applies equally well to the cause of abolishing abortion (so as to recognize equal Human Rights for All Humans).  Wilberforce said:
“Let us not despair; it is a blessed cause, and success, ere long, will crown our exertions. Already we have gained one victory; we have obtained, for these poor creatures, the recognition of their human nature, which, for a while was most shamefully denied [then by legal slavery; now by legal abortion]. This is the first fruits of our efforts; let us persevere and our triumph will be complete. Never, never will we desist till we have wiped away this scandal, released ourselves from the load of guilt, under which we at present labour, and extinguished every trace of this bloody traffic [then the profitable Slave Trade; now the profitable Abortion Industry; BOTH of which profit by denying Human Rights to some humans], of which our posterity, looking back to the history of these enlightened times, will scarce believe that it has been suffered to exist so long a disgrace and dishonour to this country.”
William Wilberforce was the major proponent of equal Human Rights for All Humans in Britain, towards ending the Slave Trade which denied Human Rights to some humans, and Abraham Lincoln was in America.  It is a telling (if unwitting) self-indictment of the profound ignorance and deep-seated anti-human bigotry of those “Pro-Choice-abortion” people in the U.S. who did not allow “Pro-Life” women’s groups to march with them in their “Women’s March on Washington” on January 21, 2017, the first day of office of the new administration of “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” President Donald Trump who similarly supports equal Human Rights for All Humans by his “Pro-Life” stance, that they vehemently denounced the legitimately-elected Trump as “not my President” even though he had not actually yet done anything at all in office to justify their rejecting the legitimate democratic election of a President.  From the same scholarly “broad perspective” on the entirety of Western Civilization’s history with which I wrote the book Democracy 101 and from which I have culled these above “Top 6 Historical Facts Few Know About Human Rights History Which Prove Pro-Life=Pro-Democracy,” I note that these “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” protesters have now forever identified themselves in history with those bigoted slave-owners or slavery-supporters in the Southern U.S. who like Pro-Choicers did NOT believe in equal Human Rights for All Humans, who from the moment Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as President (like Trump, before he had actually done anything in office) ALSO effectively said that Lincoln was “not my President” by seceding from the United States (resulting in the American Civil War) specifically because Lincoln actually believed in equal Human Rights for All Humans and they knew he would not support continued Human Rights violations in continued legal slavery the same way that these “Women’s March on Washington” protesters knew President Trump would not support continued Human Rights violations in continued legal abortion.  Wikipedia reports that “According to organizers” the Women’s March on Washington “was meant to ‘send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women's rights are human rights.’ ”  This very statement in fact boldly stated to any person with a solid Human Rights education how UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT these protesters are.  This very statement itself proves that these “Pro-Abortion/Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” protesters of their new “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” President are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY IGNORANT of the above “Top 6 Historical Facts Few Know About Human Rights History Which Prove Pro-Life=Pro-Democracy,” and proves that they have not the foggiest clue about what genuine Human Rights are (nor what logical thinking is), since (as discussed more near the end of Part I of this speech) IF "women rights" somehow go beyond the equal Human Rights to safety and so on which every other human shares, and include a right to kill humans by abortion, THEN logically humans do NOT have any Inherent Human Right to Live after all.  A woman with the legal “woman’s right” to kill her own human child, herself has no legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live since her own mother could have legally killed her when she herself was in her own mother’s womb.  So, what they mean by “women’s rights” means that logically, women themselves have no Inherent Human Right to Live, and nor does anyone else (i.e. men neither).  Since by “women’s rights” they mean a woman’s “right to kill humans” by abortion, what they mean by “women’s rights” are in fact the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of genuine Human Rightsincluding the Inherent Human Right to Live which is the historical and logical foundation of Democracy.  The “women’s rights” to kill humans which they advocate for logically can only exist INSTEAD of genuine Human Rights.]
Only ignorance and bigotry ever denies Human Rights to some humans, and the age-bigotry of Legal Abortion is every bit as vile as the race-bigotry of Legal Slavery or Nazi Death Camps; worse, it is the bigotry against the Human Race itself, eradicating the Inherent Human Right to Live of everybody, since every one of us used to be a fetal-age human who (in the perspective of Legal Abortion) could have been legally killed at fetal age and therefore NONE OF US have any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live since abortion was de-criminalized (each of us was only “allowed” to live, in violation of the clear intention of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to apply Human Rights to ALL humans "without distinction of any kind" because “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of ALL members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”  If preborn humans are somehow NOT members of the human family in the meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they can be aborted, then NOBODY has an Inherent Human Right to Live after all, so the Declaration is meaningless, since ALL OF US used to be preborn humans who could have been aborted.  Article 23 of the Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy makes clear how de-criminalized abortion is a betrayal of everything the Universal Declaration of Human Rights intended to protect humanity from totalitarianism).  If you did not know this cluster of facts and you are “Pro-Choice,” this fact alone should make you re-think your position for the sake of all humanity.  These “Top 6” facts alone prove far beyond reasonable doubt that “Pro-Choice Abortion” philosophy with its “right-to-kill-humans” has since ancient times been the enemy of Human Rights and Freedoms; has already eliminated everyone’s legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live; and is currently destroying genuine democracy through “Pro-Choice” “Creeping Totalitarian” policies specifically to ensure “abortion access” at the high cost of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms. Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy.

These top 6 facts, ranging from ancient times through modern times to the present day, are all extremely pertinent to today's question of whether preborn humans have Human Rights - and extremely pertinent to the question of whether any humans have Human Rights (which itself is not a given worldwide outside the West).  Therefore, any opinion on whether or not the abortion-killing of preborn humans should be legal that does not know any one of these facts which few know is an uninformed opinion based on an uneducated ignorance of the most pertinent history and logic underlying Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms.

Basically, nobody who today is "Pro-Choice" consciously chose to be so even though they were fully consciously aware of these "top 6" facts of Human Rights history - meaning basically that all who are "Pro-Choice"  - politicians or voters - hold the position only because of ignorance.  Lasting democracy needs people's opinions on life issues to be based in educated knowledge of the most pertinent facts of Human Life and Freedom, not based in ignorance of the facts most pertinent to the origins and future of Democracy.  Basically, no “Pro-Choicer” has an educated opinion.  And this is a great "out" for them, if they take advantage if it, so they canchange their position in response to getting a solid Human Rights education like the one I just outlined, and save face.  It's no shame to be uneducated or ignorant.  Everyone is uneducated in something until they get educated.  Everybody is ignorant of something until they have a chance to learn.  So all Pro-Choicers who get exposed to Democracy 101 have a brief opportunity to save face and say “Oh – I didn’t know the facts of Human Rights history – I will change my position now.”  Technically they SHOULD have known that killing humans is wrong already, and that abortion kills humans, not cats or dogs or anything else, but’s that’s OK, that’s cool, as long as they do the right thing now.  We can charitably grant that they were just too uneducated to know better before now.  But Democracy 101 also makes clear, there are only two reasons why anyone is ever Pro-Choice: they are either ignorant, or they are evil.  And their response to Democracy 101 [or to this speech based on it] will reveal which of the two they are.  If they were just ignorant, then they will adjust their ways in response to education [even if there is a certain amount of inconvenience for them in starting to put all humanity before their personal convenience or gain, this will be worth it to people who were just ignorant and not actually evil] – and we can even grant them a bit of time to make all the adjustments.  If they are too selfish, self-centered/evil to care about humanity’s long-term safety but for their personal convenience or advantage [or political power] still try to get out of admitting killing humans is wrong [and if like all bigots do they still try to deny equal human rights to some humans], then they show themselves like the Soviets and Nazis who were the first governments to de-criminalize abortion because they also didn’t believe that killing humans is wrong [and also denied equal humans rights to some humans.  There is excellent reason that for 1700 years in the West, as a general rule we have regarded people who refuse to accept that killing humans is wrong are evil.] 

For the first time, I'm teaching a course in formal logic to young people - and I guarantee abortion would not still be legal if they taught logic in schools.  One perfect, valid, sound logical syllogism is:
All humans have human rights. 
Preborn humans are humans.
Therefore, preborn humans have human rights.
There is no valid nor reasonable way to reject the logic of this valid, sound syllogism without making yourself look silly and bigoted, if not outright evil, like all the slave-owners and Nazis etc. who also deny human rights to some humans. [Additional Note: If any Pro-Choice politician or voter denies the first statement (the major premise in this categorical syllogism of formal logic), they place themselves in the category of all slave-owning or Nazi bigots and of every evil criminal who like them denies that all humans have equal human rights including the Inherent Human Right to Live.  If any Pro-Choice politician or voter denies the second statement (theminor premise in this categorical syllogism of formal logic), then they place themselves in the category of the uneducated and ignorant and anti-scientific who like them do not even understand that preborn humans are human (did they fail science class from Grade 3 through high school?).  If any Pro-Choice politician or voter denies the third statement (the conclusion of this categorical syllogism of formal logic), then they place themselves in the category of the unintelligent, illogical, or mentally deficient, who like them are incapable of following the perfect logic of this perfect, sound syllogism which reaches the perfectly logical and sound conclusion that preborn humans have human rights by reasoning soundly from sound premises.  The only possible reasons that anyone is ever "Pro-Choice" is because they are either uneducated/ignorant; unintelligent/illogical; or selfish/evil.  Every Pro-Choicer from now on has to ask themselves, "which one am I and do I really want to stay that way now that any human-rights-educated person can ask me the same embarrassing question?"]

If they attempt to suggest a human fetus [more accurately called a fetal-age human] is not human, or a “tissue blob” like they said at the time abortion was de-criminalized, they are inviting you to ridicule them for being so uneducated and ignorant of the rich, hard science of the human life cycle now available, and for not even knowing that preborn humans are humans [I have a Grade 3/3rd Grade Science textbook that briefly describes the human life-cycle in the following words:  “The life of a human starts as an egg.  The egg develops into a baby inside the mother until it is ready to be born.  The young grows into an adult, and if the adult reproduces, the cycle repeats itself.”  Do Pro-Choicers really want to admit they didn’t master Grade 3 science?].  If they suggest a preborn human is not a human being or a human person - they just advertise their ignorance of the meaning and history of these terms too.

"Being" literally mean "existence" and the human existence of preborn humans has never been in doubt.  They are not feline beings like cats nor canine beings like dogs nor bovine beings like cows.  They are specificallyhuman beings.  And historically, as long as any humans have been called “persons,” preborn humans have been called “persons” – with legally recognized Human Rights since the 4th Century.  And every single time in history that someone's biological humanity has been admitted without admitting their human personhood , gross inhuman injustice was the result.  Any pro-choice age bigot who is ignorant and bigoted enough to deny human rights to young, preborn humans by claiming preborn humans are not persons have just put themselves in the same category as every slave-owning or Nazi race bigot who ALSO denied human rights to Black or Jewish or handicapped humans by claiming they were not human persons even though they could not deny their scientific, biological humanity.  Native north Americans and women have also been legally denied fully equal human rights by being legally denied their human personhood even though no one could deny their scientific humanity.  THROUGHOUT HISTORY ONLY IGNORANT BIGOTS HAVE EVER ACKNOWLEDGED SOMEONE'S BIOLOGICAL HUMANITY BUT DENIED THEIR HUMAN PERSONHOOD AND THEIR EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS.  So whenever a Pro-Choicer denies the human personhood of preborn humans, it is not anargument, it is a declaration of their ignorance and bigotry.

My book Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy uses undisputed historical and scientific facts and clear, sound logic to identify and explicitly articulate the implicit underlying foundations of Human Rights which precludes all bigotry against some group of humans; and of all Democratic Freedoms.  These are elaborated more fully in the book, but even just listing them here no one can reasonably deny these following principles can guarantee lasting Democracy in a way nothing else can [and no one can intelligently deny that Pro-Choice Abortion philosophy and all legal abortion policies, especially current “abortion on demand,” violate ALL of these principles that guarantee lasting democracy and which make governmental totalitarianism unthinkable]: 
Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #1: That every human life without exception, without discrimination and (quote) “without distinction of any kind” is SUPREMELY andEQUALLY valuable and precious, OBLIGATING governments to protect and serve ALL precious humans who have (quote) "inherent . . . equal and inalienable [human] rights" (instead of being oppressive and/or totalitarian towards the governed – note the quoted phrases are from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #2: That because every human life without exception is precious every human life without exception must be FREE from all government coercion in matters of belief so that they may without impediment FREELY seek and find this wonderful Truth foundational to Democracy, that their human lives are supremely and equally valuable and precious (without government interference; without government telling or teaching the humans governed any differently; and without government treating humans any differently, in violation of their Human Rights).  These two principles together are the implicit underlying First Principles or logical starting point of both Human Rights and Democracy as we know it.
CORE PRINCIPLE OF LASTING DEMOCRACY #1: Lasting Democracy requires full and uncompromising legal recognition of The Inherent Human Right to Live and the traditional Western belief expressed in the simple maxim killing humans is wrong, because Human Rights are for All Humans or else they are meaningless (if being human is not enough to have them).
CORE PRINCIPLE OF LASTING DEMOCRACY #2: Lasting Democracy does not grant unqualified freedom to individual  humans, but Lasting Democracy restricts individual freedom with just criminal laws which uphold the Inherent Human Right to Live and the maxim killing humans is wrong; laws which protect the Human Rights and property of other humans and encourage mature respect for all humanity which ensures that humans are always treated as precious persons not as mere tools or objects to be used or thrown away.  For lasting world peace nation-States also need to be guided by just International Laws which similarly uphold the Inherent Human Right to Live, Human Rights for All Humans and the maxim killing humans is wrong.
CORE PRINCIPLE OF LASTING DEMOCRACY #3: Lasting Democracy does not grant an unqualified “anything the majority asks for or accepts,” but Lasting Democracy MUST hold its citizens and its politicians constitutionally accountable to the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy including the Inherent Human Right to Live and the maxim killing humans is wrong becauseHuman Rights are for All Humans, or else genuine Democracy can easily be lost to “Creeping Totalitarianism” wherein democracies (in name only, as in 1930s Germany) gradually but increasingly take on the characteristics of totalitarian States (all of which deny killing humans is wrong and all of which think the government decides which humans may or may not be legally killed instead of recognizing lasting democratic government’s foundation that governments are obligated to always protect and serve always-precious human lives because Human Rights are for All Humans).
Having established what Democracy is founded on and what can make it last, it is easy to identify:
[Note that the specifics vary from country to country – but the U.S., Europe and anywhere legal abortion has eradicated any legal recognition of the Inherent Human Right to Live, some degree or some form of these current Canadian trends of “Creeping Totalitarian” assaults on Democracy are happening all over the globe]
1.      Despite immigrant Canadian citizens who lived under Soviet Communist and other totalitarian governments giving the CPSO feedback that they were pursuing totalitarian-style policies, doctors’ democratic freedom of conscience rights have been taken away in Ontario [Canada’s largest Province] (by CPSO, now Bill 84) specifically to ensure “abortion access” that kills humans.
2.      Euthanasia – no longer recognizing the Inherent Human Right to Live since abortion was de-criminalized, the Canadian government just slipped back into the old style of government that was normal BEFORE there were any recognized Human Rights, where the government decides just which humans are protected and just which humans can be legally killed INSTEAD of being OBLIGATED to always protect equally precious human life.  Euthanasia also insidiously reintroduces the legal killing of born humans as well as preborn humans, like in any totalitarian State [and remember, Nazi Germany first de-criminalized euthanasia in violation of the 2500 year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors don’t kill patients.]
3.      Free Speech violations.  We have federal and provincial bills limiting free speech.  We even have a grossly misnamed “Human Rights Commission” which literally does not know the first thingabout human rights – that killing humans is wrong (if it did, it would charge the government for legal abortion that eradicates the Inherent Human Right to Live, the primary Human Right).  And the head of this body has indicated it is quite happy to suppress free speech by prosecuting people who will not use newly-invented pronoun words, with no history in any language, that serve a new agenda with no history in the culture.  This is the opposite of democratic government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Having to be afraid of what you say (or don’t say), especially if it is traditional and reflects your country’s grounding values, is a feature of totalitarian States  
4.      We have the muzzling of duly elected federal representatives who are not allowed to voice their own traditional conscience, nor to represent their traditional constituents who elected them, if they believe in the traditional Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy that every human without exception – including preborn humans – is EQUAL and PRECIOUS.  Political parties are not even mentioned in the founding legislation like the BNA Act that makes Canada a country.  Parties are just a convenient way to organize and manage a government of hundreds of elected representatives representing the PEOPLE’s SELF-RULE.  Parties are not meant to bypass the democratic process by forcing “whipped” elected representatives to tow the party line as if theparty RULES (like in a totalitarian State) and the elected representatives only represent the party’s will to the ruled people; in a democracy, the elected representatives are supposed to represent the PEOPLE participating in their own governance by choosing representatives they trust will represent their own participation (and values) in their own governance.  Most especially parties are not meant to circumvent Democracy from its foundations by forcing representatives to tow a “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” or “Pro-Choice” party line, which directly contradicts Foundational Principle of Human Rights and Democracy #1, which is “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or “Pro-Life;” and doing so violates Core Principle of Lasting Democracy #3, that LASTING democracies must keep their politicians and citizens accountable to Democracy’s foundations (and note that the Foundational Principles of Democracy are Non-partisan – all parties of “Left” and “Right” at least implicitly assumed HUMAN EQUALITY when Canada (and all modern democracies) were formed, so “Left” or “Right,” all parties should return to their party’s Pro-Life ROOTS if they have strayed).
5.      In Ontario, we have totalitarian-style belief control in the form the forced indoctrination of schoolchildren against parents’ loud and wide objections (and without any democratic mandate – the Ontario government did not say “elect us and we will teach your children our preferred values with no history in the culture” [They just did it as if we are already a totalitarian State]).  Not only is this the opposite of democratic government “of the people, by the people, for the people” and instead the government telling the people what to believe like in any totalitarian State, but the particular radically anti-traditional values taught specifically create a DEMAND for the legal abortion which eradicates the legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live and undermines democracy.
6.      Ontario Bill 89.  If passed and once fully implemented, it has great potential to eventually, like in totalitarian States, make parents live in fear of being reported by anyone to authorities (Children’s Aid Societies) who will be given sweeping powers to take their children away even for TRADITIONAL CHILDREARING in TRADITIONAL VALUES which the radically anti-traditional government no longer considers “in the best interests of the child.”  And Bill 89 even allows the government to replace local Children's Aid leaders who still want to just protect children from being abused, and do not take well to their new Bill 89 role as a government agency for enforcing parental compliance at home with the government's radically anti-traditional values now already forcefully taught in school against parental objections). 
But there is GOOD NEWS!:  How do the now-clearly articulated Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, demonstrated from undisputed historical and scientific facts connected by clear, sound logic, help us to deal with all these violations of genuine democracy?  Politicians will do whatever they think will get them elected.  We have to make them think what will get them elected is for the political parties to field Pro-Human-Right-to-Live or Pro-Life candidates, because EDUCATED voters who know the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, and the Core Principles of Lasting Democracy will only vote for “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live”/Pro-Life candidates, because they are EDUCATED enough to know that only politicians who uphold the Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy are MINIMALLY QUALIFIED to lead a LASTING Democracy!  All Pro-Lifers have to do is learn and spread the undisputed facts collected in Democracy 101 and the numbers of EDUCATED voters will keep increasing until we reach the necessary “critical mass” of educated voters needed to ensure the Pro-Life Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy arepermanently constitutionally enshrined – here in Canada and in other countries.
To help assist this process, I have REDEFINED THE TERMS of the abortion debate with the following:

New Terms to Clarify the Essence of the Central Dispute of Our Time:  Where do you stand on the current Human Rights for All Humans debate?  Do you believe in equalHuman Rights for All Humans, or do you believe Human Rights can and should be denied to some humans?  That is, are you “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” ?

In order to clarify all future dialogue on human life issues in a way which keeps all the facts of the history of Human Rights and abortion in mind, I have clarified the essence of the “Pro-Life” versus “Pro-Choice” abortion debate by re-naming it the “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” versus “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” abortion debate; or alternatively the Human Rights for All Humans debate, wherein “Pro-Lifers” believe in equal Human Rights for All Humans, but “Pro-Choicers” believe that Human Rights are NOT for all humans, but Human Rights can be denied to some humans (as “Pro-Choicers” deny equal Human Rights to young, preborn humans; as slave-owning bigots denied equal Human Rights to Black humans; as Nazi bigots denied equal Human Rights to Jewish and handicapped humans).  There is no intellectually honest way for anyone to deny that these new terms clearly and accurately identify the CORE ESSENCE of the “Pro-Life”/”Pro-Choice” dispute self-described “Pro-Life” citizens are essentially motivated by the core belief that every human has an Inherent Human Right to Live (which is the core of the now-clearly-identified Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy); and since Human Rights are for All Humans (or else they are meaningless, if being human is not enough to have them), therefore the abortion-killing of humans should be banned (as it was by law or custom since 318 AD).  And no-one can honestly deny that the key defining factor that distinguishes self-described “Pro-Choice” citizens from “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” or Human Rights for All Humans citizens is that “Pro-Choice” citizens are instead indeed essentially “for” (Latin pro) the choice to kill young humans still in the womb by legal abortion (therefore logically denying the Inherent Human Right to Live which essentially defines the “Pro-Life” side, because “Pro-Choicers” do NOT believe in Human Rights for All Humans). “Pro-Choice” citizens by definition are essentially “for” the “choice” to kill preborn humans whose full biological, scientific humanity as unique living individual biological human organisms with absolutely unique human DNA utterly distinct from their parents at every age and stage of their human life-cycles from zygotes (fertilized eggs) to senior adults is not in dispute but is established scientific fact.  By approving abortion and calling it “Choice,” “Pro-Choice” citizens are essentially “for” the “choice” to kill humans just like every one of us when the we were their age and still in the womb, logically meaning that if they and we could have been legally aborted, NONE OF US HAVE A LEGALLY RECOGNIZED INHERENT HUMAN RIGHT TO LIVE.  I believe that these new terms “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” versus “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” which definitively clarify the true core essence of the “Pro-Life” versus “Pro-Choice” abortion debate as the Human Rights for All Humans debate, should help resolve the conflict over abortion quickly because it takes away the “Pro-Choice” side’s ability to (with intellectual dishonesty) pretend that the “bottom line” of “Pro-Choice” philosophy is anything else.  Anything else such as “reproductive rights” which only sound good until one realizes these logically can only exist instead of the Human Rights which they replace.  IF "women rights" somehow go beyond the equal Human Rights to safety and so on which everyone else shares, and include a right to kill humans by abortion, THEN logically humans do NOT have any Inherent Human Right to Live after all.  A woman with the legal “reproductive right” to kill her own human child, herself has no legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Livesince her own mother could have legally killed her when she herself was in her own mother’s womb.  But the Inherent Human Right to Live, as shown in Democracy 101 & The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy, is the core of the historical and logical Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy.  Terms like “reproductive rights” and “women’s rights” are merely insubstantial “smoke and mirrors,” NOT legitimate terms to define the abortion debate, since they are calculated to distract attention from the much higher priority issue of genuine Human Rights which are obviously violated by legal abortion.
 Since abortion is still legal only because the majority of Western citizens are not actually ardently either “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice,” but “in the middle” (usually leaning in one direction or the other but without serious political commitment to either changing or keeping the legal abortion status quo), I hope that these clarifying new terms of “Pro-Human-Right-to-Live” versus “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans,” which no-one can reasonably deny capture the core essence of the abortion dispute, will assist the “majority somewhere in the middle” to actually realize just what they are and are not supporting by their relative uninvolvement and inaction one way or the other in the abortion dispute, and I hope these new terms will motivate them to become educated enough to take the side of equal Human Rights for All Humans which is the only side that supports theFoundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy so that they can last forever.  Because without recognizing this, we are literally losing our democracies to “Creeping Totalitarianism” such as the above “6 assaults on democracy since 2015.
Good News!  We don’t have to be afraid and bewildered about what to do anymore!  Can’t you feel how your Pro-Life arsenal has been getting bigger as this afternoon progresses?   have also identified from history aproven and winning strategy, and I want to share with you {but my hour is up and I have to get off the stage now}

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