Wow Priest uses Kayak to go Say Mass for the people during #HurricaneHarvey - Companion Fr. David heroically serves!

Hurricane Harvey in the USA brought floods to many areas; especially in Texas.The ABC News station saw a man kayaking through the floods  and interviewed him on live TV. The man was a Catholic priest returning to his parish to help those in need and offer Sunday Mass! Fr. David Bergeron, a priest at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, TX, explained to the viewers that he was trying to return to his parish for Sunday Mass and had to use his kayak to traverse the flooded area. He said he stopped at a local store to buy wine for Mass, but he was told it was illegal to buy wine before 12noon on a Sunday. However, he got some supplies for a stranded brother priest.  He had heard of many people, including families with children, who were stranded in the flood, and he hoped to offer help. He also said , “I guess this is how the Americas were evangelized, with a canoe, this is a kayak. I hope that can bring a smile to a few people.” When he realized he was on live TV, he gave praise to God: “Some texts were coming in, some parishioners that saw me on TV. So I guess we’re live. The Lord is alive, and the Lord is always with us as well. So I really pray for the protection of all the people.”
Father David is originally from Quebec, Canada and part of the "Companions of the Cross" Here is his brief biography from the CC Website: 
Born in Sept-Iles, I am the eldest of 7 children. My faith was received and matured through a loving Catholic family experience; an experience which receives attention as an anachronism from what the Church in Quebec is now, compared to its missionary era, which sent 250 000 missionaries abroad before the 1960s. I completed my studies in business, with specialization in human resources and worked in that field for 2 years, only to realize that God had been calling me to the priesthood since childhood. I accepted that God had formed me through the years to be part of a team, so I left my hockey team to follow Him, as my true passion... My discernment for priesthood had already begun unconsciously during my study years and my brief career in the world, through shared living accomodation with a wise priest, and with religious communities such as the Salesians.