5 Minute Reflection on Christ, Lamb of God, Come and See, Discipleship


The next day as John stood there again with two of his disciples, Jesus went past,
and John looked towards him and said, 'Look, there is the lamb of God.'
And the two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.
Jesus turned round, saw them following and said, 'What do you want?' They answered, 'Rabbi' -- which means Teacher -- 'where do you live?'
He replied, 'Come and see'; so they went and saw where he lived, and stayed with him that day. It was about the tenth hour. (John 1: 35 - 39)


John the Baptist is being bold. "Look," he commands, and then he describes the Christ as the "lamb of God." He doesn't say to look at this man in a casual manner but to recall in them the Scriptures. He prescribes this lamb to God - and, that meant not only a covenant relationship, but sacrifice as can be noted in Abraham telling Isaac that he trusted God to provide the lamb for the sacrifice (cf. Gen 22:8); in Moses preparing the people for the sacrifice of the lamb at passover (Exodus 12: 6-8); when Samuel offered a suckling lamb as a burnt offering to save the Israelites from the Philistines (Sam 1: 9-10); etc.

The lamb was a sacrifice to satisfy the inadequacies of the people who were waiting for the coming of the Messiah. John not only identified the Messiah, but brought to him his first disciples. And, when they inquire as to who Jesus is, he says: "Come and see". In other words, they were given the prompting through John, now Jesus calls them into discipleship.

Isn't that how it works with us, too? Often times, it is a stranger, a friend, a family member who reaches out and offers words of wisdom that prompt us to search, to think, to pray. When we do with a humble heart, we hear Jesus calling us to himself. We allow ourselves to accept the grace of discipleship and with it a lifetime of learning, sacrificing and growing in grace.

By: Kathy Vestermark, US Correspondent of Catholic News World, Professor at CDU and Homeschooling Mother of 6