#BreakingNews Pro-Life Victory in Argentina as Senate Rejects Abortion

In Argentina, South America, the Senate rejected a bill in a 38-31 vote Wednesday which defeated what would have legalized abortion on demand. The lower house of parliament had passed it earlier this year. The bill would have legalized abortions for any reason up to 14 weeks and up to birth in limited circumstances. The Pro-lifer community celebrated with fireworks and shouts of joy outside parliament in Buenos Aires after the vote. Groups of pro-lifers wore or waved baby blue bandannas, which was a symbol of the fight for unborn babies’ rights.Argentina is a predominantly Catholic country and the place of Pope Francis birth. There was a Mass for life in the Buenos Aires Cathedral before the Senate vote. Now, Argentina prohibits unborn babies from being aborted except in cases of rape, severe disabilities or threats to the mother’s life.