#BREAKING Violent Feminist Rally Attacks Church in Argentina with Firebombs - Raw Video

A National Encounter of Women, protest saw approximately 50,000 abortion activists in  the city of Trelew, province of Chubut, Argentina. They held signs that read “Abort your heterosexuality”.
Some women protested topless, throwing stones and flaming objects at Our Lady Auxiliadora church. Also they attacked the municipality of Trelew with molotov bombs and paint a church dedicated to Mary. This the 33rd National Meeting of Women (ENM) was held from 13 to 15 October in the Patagonia of Argentina. The meeting took place in and focused especially on the promotion of abortion and gender ideology. Thus, on Sunday 14, a march through the streets of the city was held and a group of feminists made a "collective tetazo" in front of the María Auxiliadora parish and carried out various attacks. Feminists also attacked other public buildings with these incendiary bombs, sticks, stones, and painted slogans on the walls.   There have been numerous attacks against Catholic churches since the Argentine Senate rejected the abortion legalization in August of this year.