Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pope Francis "... take the path of peace with ourselves, peace with others and peace with creation. " FULL TEXT + Video


Hall of the Consistory
Saturday, 2 February 2019

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you on the occasion of the study trip you carry out, with the guidance of your Archbishop, in order to know the work that is being done in the Holy See, especially through meetings on the topics of interest to you and for which our commitment It is common. I thank you therefore for this initiative and I am pleased that I have the opportunity to address you.

In the Message for the 52nd World Day of Peace on January 1st, I drew attention to the need for a good policy, which is "a service to the human community" as a "fundamental vehicle for building citizenship and the works of man "(No. 2). It is the delicate mission to which I encourage you, that of working together, without pause, for the common good. May you always have at heart the promotion of a future for every citizen, in the fundamental respect of the values ​​that are the dignity of persons and of every human life, as well as respecting the institutions of the Principality.

The latter has a long and beautiful tradition of commitment to the environment, in particular with the Alberto II Foundation of Monaco. Today, there is the challenge of global warming and its consequences that endanger the inhabitants, often in a precarious situation, of the maritime regions of our planet. On the humanitarian level, you do a lot to help all kinds of difficulties, in collaboration with the Catholic Church and other Christian Confessions, as well as with many NGOs. The public subsidy for development contributes to various works in disadvantaged countries, in the essential sectors of family support, education, health and socio-economic aid. You have also put in place five pilot programs that show your generosity and your ability to respond to new challenges.

I sincerely hope that, beyond the concrete and necessary help that is brought, every initiative is like a leaven of hope, to generate an attitude of trust in the future and in the other, whoever it is. Our responsibility is great, especially towards the young, so that they may find in us adults who trust them and encourage their talents to enable them to commit themselves together to the service of the common good of their country and of the whole world. In a time of growing distrust and selfishness, sometimes even rejection, it is urgent to weave links between people and countries, so that everyone grows the joyous feeling of their responsibility as the inhabitants of the world, citizen and actor of the future. In this sense, international volunteering for young diplomats and partnerships with solidarity organizations are valuable tools. Moreover, Monegasques can rely on the founding values ​​of the Principality inspired by the Gospel and its message of love. These values ​​offer to them, today as yesterday, the opportunity to root and make the Gospel bear fruit in their own lives and beyond, expressing its unifying force and its perennial novelty at the service of politics, dialogue between cultures, justice and of fraternity.

As I reminded the Ambassadors present at the exchange of good wishes on 7 January, referring to the vision of Pope Paul VI in his speech at the United Nations, "we must get used to thinking [...] in a new way the coexistence of humanity, in a new way routes of history and the destinies of the world. [...] Never before today, in an age of so much human progress, has it become necessary to appeal to the moral conscience of man! The danger comes neither from progress nor from science. [...] The real danger lies in man, master of ever more powerful instruments, acts of ruin and the highest conquests! "(New York, October 4, 1965, No. 7). So in order to rethink our common destiny and build it, we must be aware of our responsibility and take the path of peace with ourselves, peace with others and peace with creation. This is the policy of peace that I invite you to promote, each one of you and all together in the high mission entrusted to you.

Dear friends, I renew my gratitude for this meeting and cordially greet you, through you, Prince Albert II and his family. I ask God to support your efforts and strengthen the bonds that unite you in the service of the Principality and the international community. He abundantly blesses you, your families and all Monegasques. Please do not forget to pray for me. Thank you.
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