Italian Minister Matteo Salvini who Entrusted Italy to the Virgin Mary wins in EU elections

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini invoked God at a political rally, and clung to his rosary. Salvini entrusted Italy to the Virgin Mary at the Saturday rally, before many European leaders. He mentioned Popes St. John Paul II and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI for having tried to remind Europe of its Christian roots.
He called on the Immaculate Heart of Mary to “bring us to victory” and kissed his rosary. He was criticized by some church officials. Salvini has very restrictive policies on refugees and migration.
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Unknown said…
Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for us
Anonymous said…
God bless you, Hon.Minister Salvini. May Our Lady protect and guide you with St Michael,the Archangel and all the Holy Heavenly Hosts. May you always be sealed with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, our Saviour.
Éamonn, Dublin. said…
Thank God SOMEBODY is standing up for Christianity.
If Church Leaders remain silent much longer, Sharia Law WILL be the future.