Pope Francis visits Refugee Center saying "Your path is not always beautiful, and then there is the pain of leaving..." in Bulgaria

Apostolic Journey to Bulgaria: Visit of the Holy Father to the Vrazhdebna Refugee Center

This morning, having left the Apostolic Nunciature, the Holy Father Francis drove to the Vrazhdebna Refugee Center on the outskirts of Sofia.

Upon arrival, at 8.25 am (7.25 am Rome time), the Pope was greeted by the Director of the Center and the Director of Caritas at the main entrance of the structure. Then he went to the refectory where about 50 people were gathered between parents and children. The children in the Center come from Syria and Iraq.

After the brief greeting of a volunteer, the singing performed by the children and the gift of the children's drawings to the Pope, the Holy Father greeted the families received in the Center and addressed a few words to them. He then gave his blessing and took his leave, moving by car to Sofia International Airport to leave for Plovdiv.

"Vrazhdebna" refugee camp (Sofia)
Monday, 6 May 2019

Thank you very much for your welcome. Thanks to the children, for their beautiful singing. They bring joy to your journey. Your path is not always beautiful, and then there is the pain of leaving your homeland and trying to enter another homeland ... There is always hope ... Today the world of migrants and refugees is a bit of a cross, a cross of humanity, it is the cross that so many people suffer ... I thank you, your good will, and wish you and your fellow citizens the best you have left in your homeland. May God bless you and pray for me.