#BreakingNews over 200,000 people at March for Life in Poland - Annual Pro-Life March in 130 Cities

More than 200,000 Poles have taken to the streets to voice their support for family values while opposing sex education for children, according to state broadcaster TVP.
The annual March for Life and Family was held on Sunday, June 9, 2019 in more than 130 cities nationwide to call for traditional Christian values to be upheld, oppose abortion, and denounce plans to introduce “demoralising sex education” in some schools, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.
It quoted Kazimierz Przeszowski from the Life and Family Centre, a group that organised the event in the capital Warsaw, as saying that sex education “threatens the development of children” and “destroys the family.”
Przeszowski denounced what he described as plans to “subject 200,000 children in Warsaw schools to extremely harmful treatment from September.”
This year’s March for Life and Family, featuring slogans including “Sex Ed Depraves,” additionally attracted education experts from Western Europe and the United States, the IAR news agency reported.
Thousands took to the streets of Warsaw in April for the annual Sanctity of Life march to celebrate the value of human life and call for an end to abortion.
(gs/pk) Source: TVP, IAR
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