Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#BreakingNews a Catholic Priest from Austria Dies while on Pilgrimage - RIP Fr. Siegfried Gödl

An Austrian priest, from the province of West Styrian, Fr. Siegfried Gödl died while pilgrimage in Italian mountains.
 The Diocese of Graz-Seckau is saddened by the tragically injured priest Siegfried Gödl. The pastor of Eibiswald, Soboth, St. Lorenzen and St. Oswald ob Eibiswald, died on Monday, July 16, 2019 while on a pilgrimage in Italy. With a group of six hikers, the popular pastor fell on the descent from the Italian pilgrimage town of Monte Lussari near Tarvisio and succumbed to his injuries, according to a report on the diocesan website.

The Graz Bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl expressed deep concern. He praised the "pastoral work of many years in our diocese, who completed all his tasks with care - from child and youth pastoral care to pastoral care in various places". The parishioners and the relatives of Gödl knew he was "connected in the hope of the resurrection", said Krautwaschl.

The mayor of Eibiswald in West Styria, Andreas Thürschweller, said: "We are shocked by this completely unexpected report... "

On the descent from the mountain Lussari Siegfried Gödl had fallen on Monday around 5pm and fell about 300 meters deep into a channel, reported the "Kleine Zeitung" on Tuesday. His traveling colleagues then dropped off an emergency call, the group had been identified by Italian rescue teams via GPS. The pastor was only be recovered lifeless, his body was flown by helicopter into the valley.

The pilgrimage church on Monte Lussari is a popular destination for hikers and faithful. Pastor Gödl, who had celebrated his 50th anniversary of the priesthood last year, was a passionate pilgrim, parish secretary Gerlinde Waltl-Url told the newspaper. "He was always free on Wednesdays and was out in any weather." He regularly traveled with pilgrims from Eibiwald to Monte Lussari. 

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