Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece Introduces an ecclesiastical "Unborn Child's Day"

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece has introduced an ecclesiastical "Unborn Child's Day". The Foundation "Pro Oriente" reported on Friday, citing the Greek Orthodox news portal "Romfea".

The aim of the new church memorial day, which is to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Christmas, is to raise awareness of the need to protect unborn life and raise awareness of the liberal abortion law and low birth rates in Greece. Since 1986, abortion has been in Greece legal. There is a twelve-week deadline, which can be extended in hardship cases - such as incest or rape. Every year, up to 150,000 children are aborted in Greece.

The "Let me live" movement, which proposed to the Holy Synod to introduce the "Unborn Child's Day", declared that it was "pleased and grateful". In fidelity to the gospel and to the tradition of the Orthodox Church, the movement is concerned that "the unborn child is a person and, from the conception, an image of God". To protect the lives of these children, the movement enters without "ifs and buts".
There has also been the introduction of a birth bonus for families from the third child, free access to kindergarten places in all eparchies as well as the involvement of parents in the organization of church education, the Orthodox Church had already tried in recent years to send a message.
Source: https://www.pro-oriente.at/?site=ne20190726120642