Archbishop holds Adoration in Notre Dame Cathedral and Catholic Priests pray with Laity outside during Satanic Mass - Video

On August 17, 2019 a Satanic black mass was held in Ottawa's Koven restaurant near Notre Dame Cathedral. On the initiative of Michael Dopp, founder of the New Evangelization Summit, about 200 Catholics gathered at Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Ave. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Archbishop Prendergast was there along with Auxiliary Bishop Guy Desrochers of Cornwall. Arch. Prendergast blessed the faithful and half of the group entered the Cathedral for Adoration with Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck. Several Sisters of the Queenship of Mary were in attendance at the Cathedral.  Several young adults/teens were in attendance including members of NET Canada - One member Cameron Turner mentioned he was there with his cell phone as his wife was overdue expecting their 2nd child.

 The other half of the group surrounded the nearby Koven Restaurant where the 1st Canadian Black Mass was held. Several priests under the leadership of
 Fr. Matthew Chojna of Pakenham. Fr. Chojna blessed salt which was distributed to the faithful who walked around the block praying the rosary and sprinkling the blessed salt.  Many of the priests in cassocks prayed with large crucifixes in their hands.
 Fr Paul NwaezeFr. Tavis Goski, Fr. Hezuk Shroff, Monignor Hans Feichtinger, Fr. Mark Goring and other priests.
In this Video Archbishop Prendergast blesses the Laity before they go to the Koven restaurant to pray before the Satanic Mass - The priests also bless salt and holy water...
The priests led prayers and hymns which were recited by about 100 faithful. When the hymns began a silence came over the crowd. Many parishes in Canada held Eucharistic Adoration and prayers services in reparation of this Mass. People around the world were praying for those involved.
Earlier in the week in an E-mail interview with the Catholic Register the Archbishop of Ottawa Terrence Prendergast wrote:
“My concern is for the faith of our people and the offence that this brings to their love of and reverence for the Eucharist,” said Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.

Nicholas Marc, organizer of the event told Global News he believes the event will “be the first organized public black mass in Canadian history.”

“To tamper with and mock the Mass — which is what this satanic ritual does — is hateful and will affect more than those who participate in it,” said Prendergast. “It will say loudly that the central belief of Christians should not be shown respect, as we would expect respect to be shown to the Jewish Torah, to the Muslim Koran and to the sacred objects of other faiths.

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast
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“Such a ritual sends the wrong message that we’re tolerant of what is in effect hate speech, which this has become by the widespread publicity being given to it,” the archbishop said.

“The Blessed Sacrament is given to those with faith in Christ’s presence in the Eucharistic host so that they may, by consuming it, achieve communion with Our Lord,” said the archbishop.

A recent Pew Research study that revealed 70 per cent of American Catholics believe the bread and wine used in Mass are only symbols of Jesus.

"...I am asking intercessory prayer groups to pray for those planning to take part in this [black mass] event so that they turn away from the path of darkness and turn instead towards the light of faith."

- Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa

The archbishop warns that any dabbling in occult practices “has the potential of opening a spiritual doorway into the evil realm — giving demonic spirits permission, in other words — to infest our city with negative and evil energies.”

The archbishop said he will be offering a Mass of Reparation for the event on the morning of Aug. 17.

“We need to pray in reparation for the spiritual harm that is being planned, and that God would turn this blasphemous project into an occasion of grace,” he said, and he is encouraging pastors to alert the faithful in their parishes and to offer Mass, holy hours and prayers in reparation.

Edited from the Catholic Register
Below the Full Text Communique to Catholic Parishes in Ottawa


Tim Dooling said…
This should be more evidence to Priests, who doubt the importance of Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament !
More of this needs to occur in many more parishes in the Archdiocese, where the Priest believes in the True Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The baloney of one Priest who said we can Adore Jesus the same way if he is still in the Tabernacle does not know what he is talking about ! No Tradition- no Adoration!!! Tim Dooling
Thanks to our priests, Archbishop Prendergast and all the faithful who are standing up against the powers of darkness that are in our city. This black mass is just one example of this evil that has infiltrated Canada. Abortion and euthanasia are now fully legal in Canada and it will only continue to get worse. We need many rosaries and adoration to combat these evils. Jesus Mary and Joseph pray for us.
Sharon Owen said…
I am a Roman Catholic, born and raised my whole life, I was also blessed to have parents who loved me enough to share the Rosary recital with my siblings and I and the entire family each and every night at 7pm my entire childhood life.
So to my point: I am now 44, and I enjoy watching the shows that have a lot true, real-life non-fictional stories of the paranormal. I have an innate wisdom, strength and pure love of The Holy Spirit, a profound love for Our Virgin Mother Mary, and definitely St Michael the Archangel, as well as ALL the archangels and SAINTS. I have utmost reverence for priests and sisters in Christ; who sacrifice their own life to serve others.
With that said, I do not enjoy scary movies, nevertheless I DO ENJOY watching real life accounts of paranormal activity and experiences by folks who have nothing to gain and everything to lose by even sharing their experiences. It facilitates me. My mom says I am dabbling in the occult, but I beg to differ. All I am doing is viewing television programming that simply tells accounts accurate to the story. Isn’t being scared of demons, the prince of darkness, Satan, and demonic entities a healthy thing to have? I don’t consider myself “dabbling” with the occult. Your take please. Thank you in advance.
Sharon Owen said…
I am sorry. I meant to say that these paranormal shows fascinated me — NOT FACILITATES ME. Big, big difference! Sorry about that!
ShealTiel said…
1 CORINTHIANS 11:26-32 "The Lord's Supper" (verse 30 - "That is "WHY" many of you are sick and weak, and several have died." - Reference: Good News Bible GNT
ShealTiel said…
EPHESIANS 6:10-18 - "The Whole Armor of God"
Ann said…
To Sharon, your mom is right - if you are not outright dabbling in the occult then at the very least you are giving Satan way more attention than he deserves. The fact that it fascinates you means it occupies much of your thoughts and attention. You are giving evil a foothold into your life. And no, we are not supposed to fear satan. We are supposed to have a holy fear of God (fear of offending Him) and we are supposed to hate what he hates, which is evil, which is satan. Fearing satan gives him power. Fearing satan says you don’t trust in God’s ability to protect you, which, as a loving Father He will. My advice would be to put down the remote and pick up your Bible.
God bless you
Ann said…
Also, nobody has “innate wisdom”. All wisdom comes from and is of God.
Carmine said…
When this took place, we (38 of us) were on a pilgrimage to the East Coast US and Canada. We prayed the St. Michael Prayer for the deliverance of the people involved in this awful thing, for satan is alluring so many of our children to the darkness of satan existence. We also prayed for our PM. It seems as if he has embarked on a dark road as well.

A big THANK YOU to the many Priests, and Lay People who made the trip to give witness to our LORD...some of you traveled a long way to be there. In PRAISE of GOD THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. Amen

Josie C.