Miracle Attributed to Father Capodanno’s Intercession bringing him closer to Sainthood - Woman cured of MS

Miracle Attributed to Father Capodanno’s Intercession
August 1, 2019 After a yearlong investigation of a miracle attributed to Father Vincent Capodanno, the Diocese of Palm Beach has presided over the case’s closing session at the Pastoral Center in Palm Beach Gardens. In early July, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, the postulator of Father Capodanno’s case, came from Rome to meet with the bishop and judicial vicar of Palm Beach as well as the medical expert used by the diocese to investigate alleged miracles. The miracle in question was brought to the Diocese of Palm Beach’s attention in August 2018, with information detailing the alleged healing of a local woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had fought a long battle with the disease since the mid-2000s. Her identity will remain anonymous, as per her request. After hearing about Father Capodanno’s virtuous life and heroic death, the woman prayed for his intercession in healing throughout her illness. In 2017, her latest MRI showed that the lesions in her brain were gone. She attributes this miraculous healing to the intercession of Father Capodanno.
This is an exciting time for Father Capodanno’s Cause for Sainthood.  Should Father Capodanno be deemed worthy to carry on with canonization by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, he will next be beatified and then declared a saint.
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