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#BreakingNews Christian Bible Translator Violently Killed with Machete and Wife's arm cut off in Cameroon - Please Pray!

Image Facebook of Angus Fung (R) poses for a photo with Tearfund Canada President Wayne Johnson (L) in, Cameroon. | 
 A Bible translator in Cameroon was killed on Sunday, August 25 morning during an overnight attack and his wife’s arm was cut off, according to a Christian Post. Bible translator Angus Abraham Fung was among seven people said to have been killed during an attack by Fulani herdsmen in the town of Wum, according to Efi Tembon, who leads a ministry called Oasis Network for Community Transformation. 
Anglophone region where separatists are fighting for independence. “They went into houses and pulled out the people,” Tembon explained to The Christian Post. “They attacked in the night and nobody was expecting. They just went into the home, pulled them out and slaughtered them.” Eveline Fung, had her arm cut off and is receiving a blood transfusion at a local hospital. As for the Bible translator, Tembon was told that Fung was cut to death with a machete. “I don’t know what prompted the attack. They just came in and killed people at the home,” Tembon added, stating that most of the victims were older men. Fung was in his 60s and served for years with Wycliffe Bible Translators working on a New Testament translation in the Aghem language, a project that was completed in 2016. 

 “He was one of the key community leaders in the whole tribe and he was part of the translation services and also coordinated literacy efforts,” Tembon explained. “So, he was a huge part of the literacy work because their language had never been written before. So, he was the one coordinating it and teaching the language. So many people now can read and write the language as a result of Angus’ work.” Although the New Testament translation for the Aghem language was completed and over 3,000 copies have been published, Tembon said that distribution has not happened because of the war in the region.  According to Tembon, Wum is a rural town of no more than 5,000 people. About 90 percent of the town’s people consider themselves to be Christian but also practice traditional religions. While the local people live and farm in the town, Muslim Fulani herders live and graze their cattle on a hill outside the town. 
The Anglophone conflict began in 2016 as separatists began protesting for autonomy because they felt underrepresented in the majority-French-speaking central government. Since then, tens of thousands of people have fled from their homes as a result of the violence. As many as 50,000 people have fled from Cameroon in Nigeria, Ghana, and other neighboring countries while as many 700,000 are internally displaced, according to Tembon. “The international community puts the number of those killed at 2,000. But I believe they are intentionally keeping the numbers low so as not to be accused of looking away,” he contended. “Personally, I do think the number of those killed cannot be lower than 7,000 people during the last three years.” 
Text Edited from Christian Post
Images Source Facebook of Mwalimu McMua Kum Paul
· August 29 

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