#BreakingNews Earthquake hits Indonesia and leaves 24 Dead - 15, 000 displaced with extensive damage - Watch video

Earthquake in Ambon leaves 24 dead
by Mathias Hariyadi
The 6.5 quake occurred at 9.15 pm yesterday, forcing residents to flee to higher ground. The Central Maluku regency recorded the highest number of deaths (14). Six people died in Ambon, four in West Seram regency. At least 235 aftershocks have been recorded.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The tragic death toll from the 6.5 earthquake on the Richter scale that struck Ambon, the port city and capital of the province of Maluku, has reached by 24.

Set earlier at 6.8, the strong shock was recorded at 9.53 local time (7.53 Jakarta time), driving residents to higher ground to avoid any possible tsunami danger.

A few hours after the tremor, local authorities issued a statement excluding the possibility of any tidal wave.

Agus Wibowo, spokesman for Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster and Mitigation (BNPB), this morning said that Central Maluku regency had the highest number of casualties (14). Six people died in Ambon, four in West Seram regency.

One hundred people were injured, mainly in the village of Liang, and are currently recovering in various hospitals in Ambon.

Meanwhile, 15,000 people are still on higher ground, as the earthquake caused extensive damage to residential areas.

More than 170 buildings were damaged. A small crack can be seen on the Merah Putih bridge, which crosses the Bay of Ambon.

Indonesia’s Meteorology and Climatology Agency (BMKG) has recorded so far at least 235 aftershocks. Full Text Source: AsiaNewsIT - Image Source: Google Images