Saturday, September 28, 2019

Pope Francis tell Young "Always be Christ's in prayer, in the care of your little brothers. Do not be afraid to participate in the revolution...of tenderness." Full Text

"Father David de Oliveira Martins"

Paul VI Room
Saturday September 28, 2019


Dear brothers and sisters!

I greet you all and thank you to Don Jorge for the kind words of greeting and presentation of this beautiful gift of God, of this wonder that is the Social Center of RuĆ­lhe. This is especially the result of the oblation offered by the humble and generous people in response to the call of Father David de Oliveira Martins. He didn't ask for himself; He would ask his brothers, who would reach out for help. God has given him the grace to touch the hearts of the poor and humble, setting off the revolution of tenderness everywhere under the banner of "The Children of Father David!" From Rome, take a hug from me to the assistants and assistants of the institution in its various roles in the service of children, youth, the poor and the elderly. As ambassadors of your love for the Church and the good you want me, you have sent the little ones. Thank you, Father Manuel Joaquim!

Your path leads you to look together into the future: not to look alone, not even to yourself. As Paul teaches, “the present or the future, everything is yours. But you are of Christ, and Christ is of God ”(1 Cor 3:21, 23). You are of Christ! It is the deep meaning of your story to this day, but it is above all the key to facing the future. Always be Christ's in prayer, in the care of your little brothers. Do not be afraid to participate in the revolution to which he calls you: the revolution of tenderness (cf. Exort. Ap. Evangelii gaudium, 88). Christ walks with you and will guide you.

Before greeting you more personally, I want to assure each and every one of my affectionate solidarity. Never let the past determine your life. Always look forward. Work and strive to achieve the things you want. And let none of you ever feel alone; indeed, it is for every man, created in the image of Christ, to be near his neighbor. God grant you to be to each other bearers of His mercy, tenderness, and love. And may He bless the Father David Social Center, with all who house it and all who run it, energize and support it. I pray for you; and pray for me! Thanks.
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