Christmas Message from Archbishop Fisher of Australia “Every human being matters,” God said.

Full Text Message from Archbishop Fisher, OP of Sydney: 
Christmas tells us we are valued, we are wanted, we are loved. Each one of us is precious, irreplaceable, made for greatness.
It might sound overblown, even vain. But that’s what Christmas says.  
You matter so much, that God would become one of us – for your sake!
It’s news Christians never tire of telling. It’s what inspires so much good they do in families, parishes, schools, hospitals, welfare, missions.
It inspires our efforts to support farmers and all affected by drought. It inspires our brave firefighters and our care for those struggling after personal disaster.
The Christmas Babe speaks to every human need because He came for every human person.
So powerful was that message that the angels broke into song, the leaders brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, the workers came with their sheep.
“Every human being matters,” God said. “Every human being matters,” they echoed.
Not everyone agreed.
Herod was so threatened by the message of human dignity and redemption, he sought to kill the Baby Jesus. The ‘slaughter of the innocents’ continues to this day: unborn innocents, more endangered than ever in this state of New South Wales; newborn innocents, the disabled and unwanted; oppressed innocents, including persecuted Christians and detained asylum seekers; elderly innocents, in substandard aged care and threatened with euthanasia.
Christmas presents us with a choice. To join Herod in saying only some people matter. Or to join the angels, shepherds and kings at the crib singing Glory to God and praying for peace on earth.
Every human being matters. You matter. May our Christmas Lord lift up your heart and inspire you to share that Good News in the year ahead. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
SOURCE: Full Text Archdiocese of Sydney Australia