Pope Francis meets with Children of the Santa Marta Dispensary and Receives a Birthday Cake from them!


Paul VI Hall
Sunday, December 22, 2019

Goodmorning everyone!

These kids, these kids do wonderful things! I'm happy, I'm glad to see you do this! You too sing well, very well! You're good. And the cake looks like it's good ... Can we eat it? Yup? All together ... Or are we waiting? Let's wait, it's more prudent ...

You too, thank you for bringing the children here. Giving children joy is a very big thing. Even parents when they know how to play with children do a very big thing. Playing with children, the expression of children who are innocence, promise, many good things ... Thanks for this meeting.

And now one thing. I read in these three boxes that the Magi brought, three words: Hope, Love and ... what was it? ... [the children shout: Peace!] Ah, there was no war written? ... [ the children say: No!] Are you sure? [the children answer: Yes!] What is more beautiful, war or peace? [the children shout: Peace!] Are you sure? Isn't war more beautiful? What does war do? Strong, you! [a child says: Destroys] Kills, kills ... War kills life, kills old people, young people, children, kills everything. But to defeat the war, love is needed. How can you live without war? With love. All together! How can you live without war? [all: With love]. Like? [all: With love]. Peace, love ... and what was the third? [the children say: Hope]. Here, go on with hope. Always looking to the future, looking to the horizon, with the hope that a better world will always come from the Lord, and also from our work. Let's say the three words: Hope, Love, war ... ah, no! How was it? [the children say: Peace!] Ah, sorry. Hope, Love and Peace. Another time, everyone! [the children shout: Hope, Love and Peace!]

You have been good. Thanks! Congratulations! Thanks to you parents for being here and to everyone who helped with this party. Now I have to go to the Angelus and I will pray for you, and you pray for me. Agree? Bye! Thank you.
Source: Vatican.va - Unofficial Translation