Wow Art of Beauty for Home or Parish at Affordable Prices from HolyArt - Rosaries, Statues, Vestments, Chalices, Nativities and More!

Does your Church or home need a religious item? Well, HolyArt, is the Answer for almost all your needs. Founded in 2007 by a challenge, HolyArt has become the largest European platform for the sales of sacred arts and religious items. The company sells a wide variety of quality items from: life-size statues to Nativity Scene figurines, Icons, medals, chalices, sacred furnishings and beautiful vestments, food and wine for Holy Mass, Bibles and a range of products from Monasteries. They have items, such as jewelry, cards, and gift accessories for all special occasions. Stefano Zanni, is the founder of the Holyart, at the Headquarters of Reggio Emilia, he has Holy figures such as; Saint John Bosco and St. Pope John Paul II to inspire. His Holyart brand is the main channel of selling religious articles and products in Italy but they ship to over 100 countries around the globe! 
For the owners of HolyArt this is a mission of new evangelization that reaches people around the world with visible signs of faith to inspire. 
The owner during the inauguration of the new Reggio headquarters  thanked everyone, from family to suppliers and collaborators: 
“HolyArt started its activity from scratch 9 years ago, and in these years we have been lucky enough to always grow in double figures. We have almost 30,000 references in the catalog and this year we will send over 40,000 packages to around 110 countries around the world. These numbers mean that thousands of Christians in the world, in disadvantaged areas like priests and missionaries in Africa, or small communities that live their faith in a situation of semi-clandestinity, or the Christians of nations now secularized like France where it is rare to find a shop that has religious articles, or endless places like China where it is difficult to make one's own belonging to Christ visible, well, all these people thanks to our work have been able to receive the symbols of their faith ”.
Their customer feedback page has hundreds of recommendations from around the globe! 
Here are some examples: 
"Your Customer Service is exceptional! I had no difficulties placing and receiving the order. The package arrived in very good condition and the quality of the medal is wonderful and exceeds the image on the webpage. I couldn’t be happier. The payment amount was clear and displayed in my currency (USD). I received the order faster than my expected delivery date. Again – thank you so much for your concern and outstanding support."
"I received my beautiful rosary within one week - outstanding for overseas shipping! The price was very reasonable and affordable for such a quality rosary, and it well was worth the extra shipping. It was very well packaged and arrived it perfect condition. Thanks for offering beautiful Catholic articles for reasonable prices. Sincerely, Frances"
"This was my second order and I am so pleased to make business with Holyart. Placing the order is simple and there is no problem with currency. The order arrived within the set time and all goods arrived in perfect condition. The packing exceeds expectations. The goods I ordered are of very high quality and exaactly as shown on the website. Excellent and accurate service. I highly recommend Holyart."
So, if you, your parish or someone you know is looking for a quality religious item of beauty and affordability check out Holyart's Extensive Online Catalogue today and place your order! You will not be disappointed. 
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Although this video is in Italian you can see their vast amount of products and their Customer Service speaks English and delivers around the Globe accepting different forms of currency.