Sunday, February 2, 2020

#BreakingNews Maronite Catholic Families in Australia lose 4 Children Killed in Accident - RIP Veronique, Anthony, Angelina and Sienna

The Maronite Co-Cathedral in Sydney Australia announced a horrific accident that took place Saturday, February 1st, 2020 in Oatlands, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The accident has tragically affected the lives of three families and the entire Maronite Catholic community. Three children from the Abdallah family, Anthony 13, Angelina, 12  and Sienna, 9  and one their cousins a child from the Sakr family, Veronique, 11, lost their lives, while three other children remain in hospital; the sister of the Abdallah children and her two cousins from the Kassas family. Two families are members of the Maronite Catholic parish community and regularly attend Mass on Sunday along with other spiritual, pastoral and social events. The children also attended the Fersen (Knights of Mary) children’s group on Saturday afternoon.  This heartbreaking event has touched the hearts of all the community and the Church asks everyone to continue to pray for the three families entrusting them to the glory of the Resurrection and eternal life. Leila Abdullah is the Mother of the 3 children who lost their lives along with their cousin last night in the horrific crash. Just hours later she returned to the crash site and knelt down and prayed; she prayed the Rosary.  Please keep them in your prayers...
Samuel Davidson, 29, the alleged driver of the car, was charged with 20 offences, including four charges of manslaughter, after the crash. He allegedly returned a result of 0.150 after a breath analysis test.
Edited from a post by Rev Fr Tony Sarkis Dean - Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral

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