Saturday, February 8, 2020

Pope Francis tells Police and Security Guards " are called to combine...the indispensable rules public order and the peaceful development of life.."


Clementine room
Saturday, February 8, 2020

Mr. Chief of Police,
Mr. Prefect and Mr. Manager,
Dear Officials and Agents!

This meeting, at the beginning of the year, between the Successor of Peter and you, who form the Inspectorate of Public Security at the Vatican, is part of a beautiful and consolidated tradition. I thank Prefect Gabrielli for his words, in particular for the reference to the value of consistency. God help us all in this! I welcome you with pleasure, especially to express once again to each of you my gratitude for your precious work. 2020 is already late, but I also wish to offer you my best wishes for this year that the Lord gives us. May it be a time of serenity and peace, for you and your families.

Your service to the Holy See and to the Vatican City State has a special meaning and value. It is not easy to relate every day with tourists and pilgrims who visit the Square and St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, or who come to meet the Pope. In the variety of situations, you are called to combine their needs with the indispensable rules public order and the peaceful development of life around the Vatican City and places sacred to the Catholic faith. And your work is equally important on the occasion of my pastoral visits to Rome and Italy, wherever the exercise of the ministry leads me. Now many times I have been able to see for yourself your discreet presence as attentive and effective! This I want to underline: discreet; effective and careful, but discreet. And this says the high human level. For this, thank you very much.

Your work, in addition to competence and professionalism, manifests sincere love and faithful attachment to the Apostolic See. I am personally grateful to you for everything, especially your daily service, done in a commendable way; and on this occasion I intend to renew my esteem for the spirit that animates it. The constant cooperation with the Vatican Gendarmerie makes it even more effective and meritorious.

Dear friends, the pleasure of finding ourselves in this almost familiar meeting translates on my part into prayer and hope. At the beginning of the year, I entrust to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary the intentions that you carry in your heart, so that the Lord may bless your every activity and your whole life, the ideals, the resolutions, the aspirations. May Our Lady especially protect your children and your elders, and help your loved ones who live in difficult times.

I renew my hope that your daily commitment, sometimes not without risks, will always be animated by the flame of faith, hope and charity. A humble, simple but genuine flame.

Bring my best wishes also to your family members at home. For all I invoke prosperity, harmony and peace from the Lord. I bless you all and your work; and I ask you, please, to pray for me. Thank you!
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