Thursday, February 6, 2020

Wow Tim Tebow and his Wife Demi-Leigh meet Pope Francis at the Vatican and View the Shroud of Tourin

Tim Tebow traveled with his new wife, Demi-Leigh to the Vatican. They were organizing their Night to Shine events in Rome. Demi-Leigh is former Miss Universe in 2017 - she is from South Africa. Tim Tebow the famous Christian athlete has created a foundation which benefits people with special needs. The newlyweds traveled touring the Vatican and also viewed the shroud of Turin. They met with Pope Francis at one of his audiences. 

In the picture which Demi-Leigh shared on Instagram, she is showing Pope Francis video from the Night to Shine event.  
Shared the beautiful highlights from last night’s first-ever #NightToShine in Rome with Pope Francis,” she wrote.The Pope gave the couple words of encouragement for their work. 

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