Pope Francis says "The response of Christians in the storms of life and history can only be mercy: compassionate love..." Full Text

Church of Santo Spirito in SassiaSunday, 19 April 2020

Dear brothers and sisters ,
on this Second Easter Sunday, it was significant to celebrate the Eucharist here, in the church of Santo Spirito in Sassia , that Saint John Paul IIhe wanted as Shrine of Divine Mercy. The response of Christians in the storms of life and history can only be mercy: compassionate love between us and towards everyone, especially towards those who suffer, those who struggle the most, those who are most abandoned ... No pietism, no welfare, but compassion, which comes from the heart. And divine mercy comes from the Heart of Christ, of the Risen Christ. It springs from the always open wound of his side, open for us, who always need forgiveness and comfort. Christian mercy also inspires the right sharing between nations and their institutions, to face the current crisis in solidarity.
I extend my greetings to the brothers and sisters of the Eastern Churches who are celebrating Easter today. Together we announce: "The Lord is truly risen!" Lk 24.34). Above all in this time of trial, we feel what a great gift is the hope that arises from being resurrected with Christ! In particular, I rejoice with the Eastern Catholic communities which, for ecumenical reasons, celebrate Easter together with the Orthodox ones: this fraternity is a comfort where Christians are a small minority.

With Easter joy we now turn to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy.
FULL TEXT + Image Source: Vatican.va - Translation from Italian

Pope Francis LIVE celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday Mass from Rome - Full Text Homily + Video in the Church of the Holy Spirit