Watch : Video of Bishop who Says he has No Regrets when he contracted COVID-19 while helping a Sick Man on the Street

Bishop Gregory Mansour, age 64, is a Maronite Catholic Bishop and the leader of the Eparchy of St Maron in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He helped a man who had fallen and was coughing on a Brooklyn street.
Shortly after he came down with COVID-19 but has since recovered.
During a recent interview with Current News he says,

“I have no regrets whatsoever even while I knew I was suffering,”.
He has been a part of the Brooklyn Eparchy since 2004.
Bishop Mansour said people were screaming stay away from him and
“..everyone was just standing around.” He also explained that " was just natural instinct.” Then an ambulance came to pick up the man.

The bishop became ill with COVID-19 for 3 weeks.
Bishop Mansour said having the virus offered him a “better sense of communion my priests and with the people.” He went on to say, “We have so many people going through this, suffering and some deaths”

The bishop said this experience helped spiritually.  “You know when you’re by yourself, you really take the time sincerely to look at your relationship with God.and your own behaviour, your own thoughts and emotional life and to align it, you align everything in your life, more closer to God’s will.”

He added, “I'm very grateful to have gone that” and he is also thankful to all first responders, doctors, nurses, grocers, retail workers and pharmacists for “laying down their lives for others”.