Famous Artist Timothy Schmalz Speaks about Prayer through Art and Racism in New Interview

Timothy Schmalz has been sculpting large scale sculptures for over 25 years . According to his website, he is a figurative artist with his pieces installed worldwide. Some of his most reputed pieces are installed in historical churches in Rome and at the Vatican. Timothy describes his most important work as visual translations of the Bible. Schmalz is a Canadian sculptor based out of St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada who was born in 1969. He is best known for his Homeless Jesus that he created in reaction to the many homeless living on the streets. Although most of his work is based upon a spiritual theme, he also creates large, complex public sculptures in bronze.
Artist Statement (from his Website), "I am devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ. The reason for this devotion, apart from my Christian beliefs, is that an artist needs an epic subject to create epic art. I describe my sculptures as being visual prayers. When I create a three dimensional sculpture in bronze I am quite aware that it will last longer than myself. I realize I am between two things that are much more durable than myself: Christianity and bronze metal. It is between these that I have developed a subtle appreciation for what Saint Francis meant by “instrument”."

LISTEN Below to the Interview with Timothy Schmalz as he discusses Art, Prayer and Racism: