Wow 1st Virtual Choir Performs - Beautiful 'Lux Aurumque' with Over 6 Million Views - Conducted by Eric Whitacre - Watch Video

Eric Whitacre pioneered the virtual choir long before Covid-19. This piece was recorded in 2010. 

It was composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre and produced by Scott Haines. The text was written by Charles Anthony Silvestri. The singers represent 12 Countries: Austria, Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United States of America
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Lux Aurumque ("Light and Gold", sometimes "Light of Gold") is a choral composition in one movement by Eric Whitacre. It is a Christmas piece based on a Latin poem of the same name, which translates as "Light, warm and heavy as pure gold, and the angels sing softly to the new born babe".