Pope Francis sends Greetings for March for Life in Berlin, Germany via Nuncio

March for Life Berlin: Powerful message from Nuncio Eterovic with thanks from Pope Francis

Papal Nuncio: “Shattering examples of abortions and activities that lead to death” show how much people's lives are in danger. "As Christians we can only serve one culture of life, never one of death"

 “At this moment in history, which affects all of humanity, you are setting out to stand up for human life from the first moment of its development to the last moment of its earthly peril.” This is what the Archbishop wrote Nikola Eteroviv, the Apostolic Nuncio in Berlin, in his greeting to the participants in the upcoming March for Life Berlin 2020 on September 19. The nuncio especially wrote to the protectors of life that his "heartfelt thanks" go to them, "which I convey to you in the name of the Holy Father Pope Francis, whom I have the honor of representing in the Federal Republic of Germany." As Christians, Eterovic recalls “We can and we want to serve only one culture of life, never one of death”.
The Nuncio encouraged the people “to walk the march for life in the light of Easter, which we celebrated in an extraordinary way this year. Let us testify before the whole world that we serve life because He, who was born of the Virgin Mary and died for us, rose from the dead. And we want to woo everyone without any doubt and say: 'Choose life!' ".