Wow Man Prays to God for Help and is Saved by Boat Full of Priests on Retreat on Lake in New York

A miracle rescue on the lake. Jimmy Macdonald who is a drug counselor and recovering addict was kayaking in Lake George, near Albany, New York. He was praying to God for help and his prayers were answered and he was saved from drowning. His boat capsized in choppy water and he was saved by a group of priests on retreat on a Tiki boat. Jimmy MacDonald got separated from his wife and step kids as he was taking pictures on his new cellphone.  Wearing an small life jacket, he tried  to get back in his kayak and keep his $1,400 phone from getting wet. “That’s when I said, ‘Alright, I think I might die today. I think this might be it’,” MacDonald said to NBC affiliate WNYT.
 “I prayed to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for help.” 
 Greg Barrett, a captain for Tiki Tours, heard his call from the vicinity. “I turned the boat toward him, I realized his life preserver had been in the upper portion of his head and he was, he was hanging on for dear life,” Barret said. MacDonald was pulled out of the water by Barrett and his boatload of priests and seminarians from the Paulist Fathers. The priests were on a Catholic retreat on the lake. . Macdonald said: “I just take that as a sign from God that he’s got me here for a real reason.” .
Image Source Facebook - Screenshot: From left are Paulists Ron Roberson C.S.P, Paul Rospond C.S.P., Danilo Macalinao, Noah Ismael, Christopher Malano, Dat Tran CSP, Benjamin Chisholm and the man they rescued, Jimmy Macdonald.
Edited from WNYT and NYpost