1 Million Children Praying the Rosary for Peace in the World - How You can JOIN with Free Resources in Different Languages


A million children who pray the rosary can change the world!

A Worldwide prayer initiative by "Church in Need" will take place on October 18th, 2020.

FREE Resources: www.millionkidspraying.org

The international Catholic aid organization "Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)" again invites parishes, kindergartens, schools and families to take part in the "One million children pray the Rosary" initiative on October 18th. The focus of the prayer campaign is on global unity and peace. This year it takes place in a very special context, because never before has there been such a global health and existential crisis.

“A crisis in which the whole world was and is exposed to an invisible virus that killed hundreds of thousands of people and has devastating, as yet unpredictable economic and social consequences. Our world is no longer the same, and what has been taken for granted will no longer be, ”said Mauro Cardinal Piacenza, President of Church in Need International. In a letter to the children, he wrote that in difficult situations like this it is very important to work together and help one another. "But we shouldn't forget that the greatest help comes from God."

That is why the papal foundation has once again issued an invitation to take part in the worldwide prayer initiative “One million children pray the rosary” on October 18th - or to pray the rosary with the children in schools or kindergartens on Monday, October 19th (since October 18 falls on a Sunday this year).

“Our prayer campaign material is available in 23 languages, including for example Arabic and various African languages. Children from around 80 countries will take part, from Ghana to Syria to Papua New Guinea. May this joint worldwide initiative of the rosary prayer fill us all with new courage and confidence in God's loving protection that He would like to give us through His Holy Mother ”, said Father Martin M. Barta, spiritual assistant of“ Church in Need International ”.

The children's rosary campaign began in 2005 in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. While a number of children were praying the rosary by a wayside shrine, several in attendance recalled that St. Padre Pio had said: “If a million children pray the rosary, the world will change.” Since 2008, “Church in Need” has had the Campaign and took over the organization of the entire global event two years ago.

Church in Need provides a free brochure for prayer in parishes, children's groups, and families. This includes explanations of how the rosary is prayed, child-friendly meditations on the secrets of the rosary and a consecration prayer of the children to the Blessed Mother. Posters for the prayer campaign are also available.

You can find more information about the prayer initiative on the landing page set up for this purpose at: www.millionkidspraying.org