US Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously Sends Judge Barrett’s Nomination to the Full Senate - FULL TEXT Official Release

 OCTOBER 22, 2020

Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously Sends Judge Barrett’s Nomination to the Full Senate

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement after the committee voted unanimously to advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Now, the full Senate must vote on her nomination.

All 12 committee Republicans voted in favor of advancing Barrett’s nomination. Democrats boycotted the vote, and therefore Barrett did not receive a single vote against her nomination.

Graham said:

  • “This is a historic moment for young conservative women. Now you know there is a place at the table for you. It’s a historic moment for the Court because Judge Barrett is someone who openly embraces her faith and has lived a consequential life.”
  • “As you know, our Democratic colleagues announced last night that they would boycott today’s vote. They made a choice not to participate. It was my choice to call a vote on Barrett’s nomination today. We won’t allow them to take over the committee.”
  • “The committee questioned Judge Barrett and heard about her qualifications from outside witnesses. Judge Barrett acquitted herself well. She was challenged, but it was fair. The American people got to see firsthand just how qualified Judge Barrett is to serve on the Supreme Court.”
  • “The nomination process took a dark turn in 2013 when the Democrats changed the rules of the Senate for District and Circuit court nominees requiring a simple majority vote. As I said in 2013, I fear over time the rules changes will have a chilling effect on the judiciary and create greater divisions within the Senate.”
  • “Here’s some good news. The Senate Judiciary Committee got it right when it came to Judge Barrett. It would have been wrong to deny her a vote. We did the right thing.”