Bishops of Argentina Lament the Senate's Decision to Legalize Abortion "Today is a sad day for Argentina."

On December 30, Argentina’s Senate approved its abortion legislation.

The Senate voted 38-29 early Wednesday morning to approve the bill. President Fernandez wrote on Twitter: “Safe, legal and free abortion is law.” Before the bill's passage it was illegal to kill an unborn baby in an abortion except for very rare cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. (Excerpt from LifeNews)

The Catholic Bishops of Argentina released 2 statements condemning the decision. Here is the FULL TEXT of the 
National Secretariat for Family Pastoral
Episcopal Commission for Life, the Laity and the Family
Today is a sad day for Argentina. We make their pain, their unease, their sadness ours, before the news of the sanction of a law that authorizes a mother to kill her child.
We want each Argentine, each father, each mother, grandfather, son, to feel our closeness and understanding. We want to embrace with gratitude all those who, from different convictions, from all creeds, without being discouraged, put their efforts, their hope and faith for life to triumph over death. 
And, with true conviction, today we want to convey to you that, despite what happened,
Life always triumphs over death. It is what Christ taught us, who overcame the death on the cross. All is not lost. There is nothing lost.
As a family, we feel called to work with more commitment than ever. Therefore, We want to invite you all, from different sectors to join our forces and work for a family that educates, contains, nurtures, consoles, corrects, accepts and loves unconditionally. With our testimony we want to show the Face of the God of Life and human Love.
United as a Family, let us continue accompanying the woman who is expecting a child who
she does not want from her, giving her hug and support. The State decided to give another answer. The
ours remains the same: taking care of life, all life and the Two Lives. Our joy is the triumph of the God of Life.
Jesus Christ, Lord of History, we need you.