Pro-Life Victory as Poland's Abortion Ban of Disabled Unborn Babies to Come into Effect

 Pro-life “victory” as Poland implements abortion ban to “protect vulnerable disabled babies”

Poland’s abortion ban which “protects vulnerable disabled babies” is expected to come into effect imminently. 

Three months ago, in October, Poland’s top court ruled that abortion in the case of disability is unconstitutional and that unborn children with a foetal anomaly must be protected.

The Polish Government has now announced that “the ruling will be published in the journal of laws” and that decision to protect disabled babies will come into effect imminently.

Once the ruling comes into effect, almost all abortion in Poland will be banned. Abortion will only be permissible in cases of rape or if the mother’s life is thought to be at risk.

It is reported that these circumstances will make up only 2% of abortions.

The country will have some of the most pro-life laws in Europe.

SPUC stood in solidarity with Poland last October after its pro-life court ruling sparked pro-abortion protests.

In a huge outpouring of support for Poland’s unborn babies, over 2,500 SPUC supporters from throughout the UK added their names to a message calling on the Polish Government to stand firm in upholding the right to life of unborn disabled babies.

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: 

“Poland stands alone in the western world as a country prepared to uphold the right to life of unborn disabled babies.

“Poland is a world leader in human rights for the unborn, and we look to them to give a lead to the rest of the world in opposing abortion for the weakest and the most vulnerable human beings, unborn disabled babies.”

Edited from Source: SPUC - Society for the Protection of Unborn Children UK

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