RIP Dr. Fabrizio Soccorsi - Death of the Pope's Physician from COVID-19 and Pope Francis Explains he will get the Vaccine

The Personal physician of Pope Francis has died. In addition to cancer, the Dr. Fabrizio Soccorsi, became infected with the Corona virus. He was 78 years old, and was appointed by Pope Francis as personal physician in 2015. Dr. Soccorsi was being treated for cancer, with "complications" from Covid-19 in Vatican City. The Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" reported (Saturday, January 9, 2021), he was being treated for cancer in the Gemelli clinic in Rome. He had succombed to "complications" from Covid-19. Soccorsi was born in Rome on February 2, 1942, and graduated in medicine in 1968. He worked as a specialist in internal medicine specializing in hepatology and was also active in academic teaching. He was also the chief physician of the Roman clinic in San Camillo and a consultant for the medical service in the Vatican Governorate. 

Meanwhile, Vatican News reports that Pope Francis responding to a question from Canale 5 journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona, regarding vaccinating against the coronavirus, said, “I believe that ethically everyone must take the vaccine.” “It is not an option; it is an ethical action, because you are playing with your health, you are playing with your life, but you are also playing with the lives of others." He explains that, in the next few days, vaccinations will begin in the Vatican and he has booked himself for it. "Yes, it must be done," he stresses, adding, if the doctors say the vaccine is safe and does not present "special dangers” to someone, then they should take it. (Excerpt from Vatican News)


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