VIDEO - Pro-Life Mass in Columbus Cathedral with 2 Bishops is Disrupted by Activists in Ohio the Bishop Calls for Prayer - FULL TEXT

Pro-abortion activists loudly disrupted a Prolife Mass in a Catholic cathedral in Ohio. 


 Loud screams, and slogans such as “finance abortion instead of cops” were heard as stunned parishioners prayed from their pews. Church stewards and police had to push out the protestors from the Church service.

Loud screams echoed through St. Joseph's Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio, while believers, priests and two bishops were celebrating Holy Mass for the protection of life. The event was held on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade judgment that opened legal abortion in the United States on January 22, 1973. The eight or so abortion advocates shouted slogans such as “Fund abortion instead of cops”, “Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hatred”. Two of the demonstrators wore rainbow-colored signal vests with the words "Clinic-Escort" written on them.

FULL TEXT - Official Statement from Bishop Brennan on Respect Life Mass Protest

January 22, 2021

Today during our Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, a group of protesters entered this sacred space in an attempt to disrupt our worship.  I am deeply thankful to the Columbus Police, assisted by Diocesan staff, for the quick response without injury to anyone present.  I want to express my great admiration and thanks to all those attending the Mass whose respectful and prayerful response reflects the joy, hope, and mercy that marks our pro-life witness.  I also apologize to the families present whose children were exposed to this.  On this day, in remembrance of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, I ask all to continue to pray for the unborn who died, for all those who have experienced the pain of abortion, and for those who cannot understand our divine and steadfast calling to champion this cause. 

Bishop Edward Malesic of the Diocese of Cleveland celebrated this mass as a co-celebrant. At a rally following Mass, he said of the protesters that the abortion issue had two sides. “Let me tell you, if I were an outside observer, I know exactly which side I would choose. There is beauty and ugliness. There is peace and violence. There is love and hate. There is life and there is death. The Lord presents us with many possibilities. He's asking us to take sides. May we take the side of life. May we work for beauty and peace and love and non-violence, including verbal non-violence. May we listen to one another and guide one another so that in the end we will find ourselves where the Lord has come to bring us: into a kingdom of peace and justice.”