Wow New LIFE Monument by Famous Artist Timothy Schmalz to be Installed in Washington, DC and in Every State! Video Interview Exclusive

An Exclusive Interview with the famous Canadian sculpter Timothy P. Schmalz about his New LIFE Monument. His artwork is found around the world, including churches in Rome and at the Vatican. He is most famous for his homeless Jesus sculpture. 

Schmalz said of his newest sculpture, the “emphasis is on the idea of celebrating life.”

He hopes to change many hearts around the world with this new beautiful work of art.

Listen to the Video below and hear the artist in his own words about his new LIFE venture that will be installed in Washington DC facing the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. (also in the video see more images of this amazing work of art)

“Because we have to persuade with beauty,” Schmalz said. “If I can use my talent to persuade people, then I’m going something good. I’m doing something positive.”

This center world/womb area is created out of mirrored steel that reflects the surrounding world and viewers of the art. The viewers of the sculpture literally see themselves in the center of the work, symbolizing their connection to this creative source.      (as explained on his website)

“People will literally see themselves within that womb,” he said. “You see yourself, that’s powerful. Everyone that is walking this planet came from that place.” 

The original Life Monument will be installed facing the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.  and Schmalz hopes to have it in place in the spring, perhaps in time for Mother’s Day. 

He hopes the sculptures will be in every state capitol.

Schmalz has partnered with EWTN for the commissioning of rosaries containing the sculpture sold through EWTN and also benefit pro-life efforts. 

The woman in the sculpture can be interpreted as the Virgin Mary or as any woman. 

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