Please HELP a Catholic Priest Build a Church for the Poor in Pakistan - This LENT You can DONATE to Help Fr. Faisal Build a Parish who Needs You!

Dear Readers, 
This Lent please consider donating to help build a Catholic Church for the poor in Pakistan. This is a country where Christians are persecuted. Less than 1.5% of the population is Christian. However, the faith is very strong! 
Even small donations of $3 or $5 or $10 will Help!
(if you cannot Donate consider sharing this post to encourage others)
*As a donor your name and those of your family members will be registered in a special prayer book and the church will pray for you at Mass.*
Fr. Faisal needs about $4,000 US dollars to build this church for the poor families in the area.
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Comment with CHURCH and your donation will go directly to Fr. Faisal. 
If you would like to make your donation in the name or for prayers for a specific family member you can add their names in the comments.
Thanks and May God bless your generosity!
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See Fr. Faisal's FULL TEXT Letter below:
Request for Building a new Church
Peace and Blessing form Bethania Catholic Church,
Pacca Garha Sialkot, Pakistan. 
Brief Introduction of Responsible Person:
My name is Fr. Faisal Pervaiz S/O Patras Pervaiz resident of Shahdara Lahore. I am serving as an assistant parish priest in Bethania Catholic Church Pacca Garha Sialkot Pakistan. I was ordained as a priest on 07 September 2017. I have worked in different parishes of Archdiocese of Lahore Pakistan. Now I am appointed as a Assistant Parish Priest in Bethania Catholic Church Pacca Garha Sialkot in February 2018.
Brief Geography of the Church:
Geographically this is a new parish came from St. James Catholic Church Sialkot Cantt Parish, which was a very wide spread parish. Its substations were very far away so, it is a wise decision of Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw to divide it into two parishes. Therefore, the parish is divided into two parts, one St. James Catholic Church and other one is Bethania Catholic Church, where now I am serving. 
Historical Background of the Church:
Missionaries came in Sialkot, Pakistan, in 1952 during the Sovereign of British as chaplain and accommodated in Sahowala Sialkot, than they build St. James Catholic Church as Parish which was used for missionary works, it is the place from where the Christianity spread its roots all over the Pakistan. Therefore, it is called “The Door of Christianity”. According to the needs of the time it was divided in to two separate Parishes one St. James Catholic Church, Parish Cantt, the other one was St. Joseph Catholic Church, Parish Attari. So the missionary work may be done more easily and efficiently. 

It is truly said that wise persons reads the needs of the time and take the decision at the right time. Once again due to needs of the time and concerns in missionary work Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw took a great step to divide it into two Parishes one is St. James Catholic Church, Parish and other is Bethania Catholic Church, Parish. This decision was taken to reach-out to the faithful more regularly, to illumine the faithful with the Word of God, and to offer them the Sacraments more constantly and efficiently.
This new parish named as Bethania Catholic Church Pacca Garha Sialkot, Pakistan, after the name of Bethania Hospital, which is serving suffering humanity and poor people. This name was given to the new parish because the Church we use for parish activities and prayer services is part of the hospital. (below a pic. from the children of the Catholic community in Pakistan)

Request to Build the New Church:
As mention above it is newly separated Parish so now it is decided to build new church in far away place. The Church needs to be built in Shakaina Colony, Chak Mandhar Sialkot, Pakistan. 
The Church in Shakaina Colony..... is named St. Patrick Catholic Church. The construction work was started almost in the end of 2019, the budget was planed and work was started.  Unfortunately due to Corona virus work was delay and the price of construction martial grow higher because of that due to that reason, the plan budget is effected now construction is stopped without completion of the Church. Please! If someone can help to complete this construction of Church.

The details are as follows;

1. There are 25 families in Shakaina Colony, Chak Mandhar Sialkot, Pakistan. There are 28 adult mature  mails and 29 adult mature femails, rest of the 18 children are school going children.
2. There is a very poor faithful community. They work on daily wages it is quite difficult to get daily necessities of life. Incipit of great difficulties they didn’t give up but still struggling to build the Church but there is need of huge amount of money. 

3. Although, people are living miserable life but they contribute in the expenses of new Church like salt to the flour. The Church Building, it is a great task or rather it is a great challenge for our people, the faithful are people of hope. They are hopeful that God would help them with his unknown resources abundantly. I would like to state that before the people gets discouraged. Please help us financially so we can build our Church as soon as possible. God will bless you with His graces abundantly and faithful will admire you and your great efforts. 

These people are looking any help form you, for their requirement of a church. Hope my letter will give you and your community a humble request to support people of Sialkot, Pakistan with your best wishes, prayers and financial help in this regard. May God Bless you abundantly and give you many more graces. You may grow like a tree planted nearest to the running waters. Thanks in anticipation.

Yours in Jesus Christ,
Fr. Faisal Pervaiz  

Assistant Parish Priest,
Bethania Catholic Church,
Pacca Garha Sialkot, Pakistan.