Bishop Stika says "As a nation, we must commit ourselves to work to turn away from violence..." after Highschool Shooting in Tennessee - FULL TEXT

A student opened fire on officers, at a highschool, who came after a report of a possible gunman at the Tennessee school. On Monday, April 12th the police shot back and killed the student. The shooting wounded an officer.

Below FULL TEXT  - Bishop issues statement on fatal shooting in Knoxville

April 12, 2021

Bishop Richard F. Stika of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville has issued this statement following the fatal shooting at Austin-East High School on Monday, April 12: 

“Once again and regrettably, I am asking for prayers for the victims of another terrible shooting in Knoxville. I have been monitoring today’s unfortunate and violent incident and offer my personal prayers for all of the victims, including a law- enforcement officer.  The series of tragic events that has taken place in recent weeks in Knoxville, especially involving the Austin-East community, and those that have taken place throughout the United States, demonstrate that violence in our society remains a serious, almost daily occurrence and that it claims victims in many different ways. As a nation, we must commit ourselves to work to turn away from violence and find real solutions that lead us to love, compassion, and decency. As Bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville, I pledge to do what I can to help. Prayers are important, but communities must come together to find positive solutions to this ongoing problem in our country.”