#BreakingNews Gunshots Fired at Benedictine Catholic Convent of Nuns in Missouri, USA just Missing the Mother Abbess

“Really horrifying news from the Benedictines of Mary,” tweeted journalist Matthew Walther on Holy Tuesday. “These good sisters are always worthy of support, but they need it now more than ever.”
“It seems that the news of a recent incident at our Abbey is quickly spreading, as we have received a great many emails in these past few days, assuring us of prayers and support,” said a recent letter from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles in Gower, MO.
On March 24th, 2021, “loud gunshots were heard by many Sisters in the Abbey,” the  letter explained. “Some of the Sisters arose, but soon returned to sleep, as we have sadly become desensitized on account of the many incidents of inappropriate activity around our monastery.”
The next morning, however, “Mother Abbess discovered two bullet holes in her bedroom,” the letter explained: 
A bullet had entered through the exterior wall, punched a hole beneath the Sacred Heart picture, and continued to penetrate through the wall directly opposite, being stopped by shower wall on its other side. Mother Abbess was sleeping several feet from the bullet’s trajectory.
The incident has local law enforcement perplexed. What is more, this was the third such event to occur during Lent of this year, “with other bullet holes observed by the police in the door jamb of the dining room next to the Abbey church, and in the stone of the church itself.” 
Police have “no leads,” the Benedictines report, “though the local sheriffs are working diligently to find the perpetrator,” and are “also maintaining extra surveillance around our area.”
The nuns say they are still “very much at peace.”
“These types of situations, while very disturbing, are exceedingly good reminders to heed St. Benedict’s words to ‘keep death daily before ones eyes,’” they wrote.
In addition, the Abbey has now made it a priority to take extra security precautions. In particular, they plan to erect new fencing — “tall fencing or sturdy wall panels to protect our buildings on this northeast section of our property, including our gardens where the Sisters work every day.”
“If you are able to support this endeavor with a monetary gift, we would be deeply grateful,” they wrote. “The total cost will most likely be over $200,000.”