10 Amazing Facts about St. Joseph to SHARE that you might not Know! #StJoseph

1. (May 1st is also the Feast of St. Joseph) March 19 is known as St. Joseph 
Day, or the Solemnity of St. Joseph (if celebrated in Lent you can break the 
 2. In Europe the people dedicate an altar to him, also known as “St. Joseph’s
 Table” or “la tavola di San Giuseppe.” People decorate it with flowers, 
candles, wine and “lucky” foods and feed the poor with their best foods
 from this table on his Feast days. 3. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Apocryphal Date for Joseph's
 birth is 90 BC in Bethlehem and the Apocryphal Date of his death is July 
20, AD 18 in Nazareth.
4. The Church celebrates two feast days uniquely for Saint Joseph: March
 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1st for Joseph the Worker. 
In 1955 Pope Pius XII established the Feast of "St. Joseph the Worker" . 
This is also May Day (International Workers' Day) since he is the patron of workers.
5. Joseph has no recorded words in Scripture!
6. Veneration of St. Joseph goes back at least to the 9th century An early
 title used to honor him was nutritor Domini, meaning “guardian of the 
Lord.” But even earlier as there is a prayer composed to him which is from 
50 AD (See: https://www.catholicnewsworld.com/2021/05/powerful-prayers-to-saint-joseph-novena.html )
 7.  He is the patron of the Universal Church, a happy death, families, 
unborn, fathers, expectant mothers, travelers, immigrants, craftsmen, 
engineers, carpenters, and workers. He’s also the patron of the Sicily, 
Americas, Canada, China, Croatia, Mexico, Korea, Austria, Belgium, Peru, 
the Philippines and Vietnam.
 8. Josephology sub-disciplines of theology, in the 20th century did some 
people start to gather the Church’s insights about him. In the 1950s, three 
centers dedicated to the study of St. Joseph.
9. It’s tradition to wear red on St. Joseph’s Day.
10. He is mentioned in the Canon of the Mass.
“St. Joseph was chosen among all men, to be the 
protector and guardian of the Virgin Mother of God;
 the defender and foster-father of the Infant-God, a
nd the only co-operator upon earth, the one 
confidant of the secret of God in the work of the redemption of mankind.” -- St. Bernard of Clairvaux