#BreakingNews Violent Attack on Catholics during Procession of Martyrs in Paris, France - VIDEO

Nearly 300 faithful joined in procession through Paris on Saturday, May 29, 2021. They were commemorating the Catholic martyrs of the Commune in May 1871. The procession was violently attacked by a group of antifas, leaving one man hospitalized.

About a dozen Antifas intervened during the procession,  and the faithful were thrown to the ground. 
They tore up flags, and threw projectiles at the faithful. “They threw at us trash cans, bottles, even wire barriers,” says one of the demonstrators to Le Figaro.
Five parishes of the diocese of Paris, organized the march to commemorate the Catholic martyrs of the Paris Commune.

Among the gathered faithful, were elderly people, scouts, children in strollers, religious, many singing songs and praying during the march. The procession started from the Square de la Roquette, where the Archbishop of Paris Mgr Darboy was executed during the commune on May 24, 1871, and was to end at Notre-Dame des Otages, where 49 martyrs were shot during the 'insurrection.

Interior Minister Darmanin: “In Paris, Catholics were attacked by violent people on the edge of a procession. It must be possible to exercise freedom of religion in our country in peace. Let us think of the French Catholics ”- According to the “Parisien” report, a man had to get help from paramedics, he was hit on the head with a bottle, and photos show that he was bleeding profusely. 
 The Archdiocese of Paris has filed a complaint against the unknown persons. 

Two elderly people were thrown to the ground, one of them injured in the skull. 

During the clash, procession leaders and security guards were overwhelmed and taken aback.  Several police officers specializing in the repression of violent actions intervened, reducing the pressure.

But the clashes continued some time later. Near Notre-Dame de la Croix, nearly fifty demonstrators blocked the procession's road. The organizers then confined the faithful to the church, and the procession thus ended. Inside the church, Msgr Jachiet, auxiliary bishop of Paris, decided not to continue the procession to Notre-Dame des Otages. “We can continue to pray, even if it is not safe to go up to Our Lady of the Hostages..."

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