Powerful Novena to St. Margaret of Cortona the Patron of Weight Loss - Insanity - Homeless and Prostitutes

A novena is a prayer said over 9 days. Each day of the novena say (1) Our Father, (1) Hail Mary, (1) Glory Be and
(3) St. Margaret of Cortona, pray for us. St. Margaret is the patron of Weight Loss, against temptations; falsely accused people; hoboes; homeless people; insanity; loss of parents; mental illness; mentally ill people; midwives; penitent women; people ridiculed for their piety; reformed prostitutes; sexual temptation; single laywomen; third children; tramps. 
Her feast day is May 16.

Daily Prayer (along with the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be)
glorious St. Margaret, you embarked on
a life of penance and poverty after you
repented of your sins. Jesus touched your heart,
and after imposing on yourself a rigorous life
of fasting, Jesus talked and conversed with
you, revealing to you his merciful heart that
rejoices whenever a sinner returns to him.
On controlling your appetite for food, you
managed to free yourself from all temptations,
including those of the flesh of which you were
a victim for many years. Listen then to our
petitions (here mention your petitions). May
you bring our petitions to Jesus. Amen.
Day 1 - O humble St. Margaret, when you decided
to follow Jesus radically by embarking
on a life of penance, your father and your
stepmother did not at all help you and all
your relatives abandon you. But you did not
get discouraged and you persisted on your
vocation, attracting the admiration of many
people, including the Pope himself. Your
sin inspired you to be holy because of the
humiliation you received. Make us believe that
God can draw straight in the crooked lines of
our sins. Do not make us dwell on our past
mistakes and sins, and inspire us to experience
God’s mercy so that we may look forward to
our glorious destination in heaven. Amen.
Day 2- O humble St. Margaret, you took the death
of your lover as a sign that God is asking
repentance from you. You left his home after
returning to his family the gifts that he gave
you. You were determined to begin anew and
though you had a son to take care of, you
decided to leave behind the life of sin. Help
us, dear saint, to detach ourselves from loving
too much material comforts and to give up our
values and virtues in exchange for material
possessions. Inspire us to live simply that we
may always sing God’s glory. Amen.
Day 3 - humble St. Margaret, you were not
discouraged when people laughed at
you after you embarked on a life of penance.
You did not mind them because you were
concentrated on pleasing Jesus to whom you
shed tears of repentance. It took some time
before people noticed that you were a saint.
But you were too concentrated on Jesus to be
aware of the praises people heaped on you.
Help us to make Jesus the most important person
in our life that we may not feel discouraged
when criticized or elated when praised. Inspire
us to serve him the way you did, and lead us to
the joy of his Kingdom. Amen.
Day 4 - glorious St. Margaret, you never ceased
to shed tears for the sins you committed in
your youth. But those tears were not only due
to sadness but also due to joy, knowing that
God’s grace is much stronger than the sins you
committed. You experienced an abundance of
God as you remembered your sins and asked
him for his forgiveness. You cried because
you felt the overpowering presence of God
and your intimate union with him attests that
sin indeed has no power over us. Help us
St. Margaret to experience God’s powerful and
loving presence. In this way, like you, we would
anticipate the joy of heaven on earth. Amen.
Day 5 - glorious St. Margaret, you did many
miracles in your lifetime. Through your
closeness to Jesus, you cured the sick and helped
many others with their problems. Your presence
was comforting and your words were sought
about by learned people. Your sanctity led you
to the hearts of many admirers, but you were
always aware of your unworthiness. Your glory
was your humility and you managed to enter
into the hearts of many because of this virtue.
Teach us to be humble, to seek the lowest place
so that we, too, may provide solace and peace
among our brothers and sisters. Amen.
Day 6 - O glorious St. Margaret, your son became
a priest, seeking holiness because of your
example. Your son was your special offering
to God. You follow the tradition of Catholic
mothers whose joy is to offer their children
in the service of God and the Church. We
remember the many mothers who are suffering
a lot because of problems caused by their
children. We offer to Jesus their pains and
ask you, dear saint, to intercede for them, that
these mothers may soon find consolation and
their wayward children returning to the fold of
Jesus. Amen.
Day 7 - O glorious St. Margaret, to show total
repentance over your sins, you covered
your beautiful face with mud and dirt. You
did not want to tempt anyone, nor lead any
man to sin with your body. You realized that
your lack of modesty and simplicity in the past
caused many to think impurely. Your mission,
as you saw after your conversion, was to lead
people to virtue and piety. Help us, dear saint,
to live simply and modestly, and refrain us from
using clothes and other beautifying things that
will lead people to sin, to think of impurity.
Make us aware that our bodies are temples of
the Holy Spirit, holy instruments that must be
venerated. Amen.
Day 8  - glorious St. Margaret, you followed
St. Francis of Assisi in his life of poverty
by living on alms while taking care of the sick.
You knew the temptations of money and riches,
and you had the courage to return the money,
lands, and jewelries that your lover gave you to
his family. You wanted to be poor because you
wished to imitate Jesus. Inspire us, dear saint,
to believe that sanctity should simplify our lives,
that we should disdain from luxury and waste,
not to accept money from corruption and to
value only that which comes from our sweat
and work. Amen.

Day 9 - O glorious St. Margaret, you loved to attend
parties and banquets when you were still
living with your lover. On your conversion, the
only banquet that you participated was the
Eucharistic sacrifice, and the only food that
you wanted was Jesus’ Body and Blood. You
lost weight and  became so thin that doctors
feared for your life. But you lived long enough.
Your being thin revealed the spiritual vigor and
health that you enjoyed. O dear saint, inspire
us to love the Eucharist and to receive Jesus’
Body and Blood every time we participate
in this banquet. May your spiritual vigor and
enthusiasm be with us. Amen.