RIP Father Alphonsus Bello - Young Catholic Priest Killed in Nigeria and Another Priest is Kidnapped while others Wounded

A Catholic priest was killed and another kidnapped in northern Nigeria on  Thursday, May 20, 2021. Father Alphonsus Bello, age 30, was killed and Fr. Joe Keke was kidnapped.  Unidentified armed men attacked the parish of St. Vincent Ferrer in Malunfashi, in the State of Katsina, in northern Nigeria. The group of armed men who entered the parish on the night of 20 May fired some shots and wounded some people. The Director of National Social Communications of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Fr. Mike Umoh, explained that the criminals left the lifeless body of Fr Alphonsus Bello on the farmland behind the catechetical training school. The whereabouts of Fr. Joe Keke are still unknown. Umoh said: "Last night, one of the parishes in the diocese of Sokoto - the Catholic church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Malunfashi, in the state of Katsina - was attacked by unidentified gunmen. Two priests were kidnapped, Father Joe Keke and Alphonsus Bello. Father Keke, the former parish priest, is about 70 years old while Fr. Bello, the current murdered parish priest, was thirty years old". "
Please Pray for the victims. (Edited from Fides and VaticanNews)