Pope Francis Writes Letter of Gratitude to Staff at Hospital where He Stayed for 10 Days after Surgery “besides the care of the body, the care of the heart takes place.”

Vatican News reports that Pope Francis wrote a letter of gratitude to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital administration and staff where he was recently hospitalized for a scheduled surgery. He describes the hospital as a place that takes care of both body and heart.
By Vatican News staff writer
Pope Francis has expressed gratitude to the board of directors and the medical staff who took care of him during his recent hospitalization at the Agostino Gemelli hospital in Rome.
“Upon returning from hospitalization, I feel the desire to address a grateful and affectionate thought to you and, through you, to all those who form the big Gemelli Hospital family,” the Pope said in a letter dated 15 July, affirming that he experienced a “fraternal reception and warm care” which made him feel at home.
On Sunday, 4 July, the Holy Father was admitted at the hospital where he underwent surgery for diverticular stenosis of the colon. Following the successful operation and some days in convalescence, Pope Francis returned to the Vatican on 14 July.

In the letter addressed to the President of the hospital’s board of directors, Prof. Carlo Fratta Pasini, Pope Francis attested to the importance of human sensitivity and scientific professionalism in health care.
He noted that the Gemelli hospital is a place where thousands come every day with their expectations and concerns. There, “besides the care of the body, the care of the heart takes place.” It is a care that he prays will continue, “through an integral and attentive care of the person, capable of instilling consolation and hope in moments of trial.”
Now, the Pope continued, “I carry in my heart, so many faces, stories and situations of suffering.

Further appreciating the service of the medical personnel, the Holy Father highlighted that their job is not only delicate and demanding, but is also “a work of mercy” through which the sick “come into contact with the wounded flesh of Jesus.”
“I am grateful to have seen it, to cherish it within me, and to bring it to the Lord,” the Pope said.
Concluding, Pope Francis reiterated his gratitude to the hospital and staff, and imparted an Apostolic blessing on the president of the board of directors, and all who are part of the family of the Gemelli Hospital.
Edited from Vatican News