BREAKING - Police Inspect Envelope Sent to Pope Francis Containing 3 Bullets

Several news agencies (ANSA, AP, Reuters, etc) have reported that a letter was addressed to Pope Francis that contained three bullets.    Police are investigating after a letter addressed to Pope Francis that contained bullets was intercepted by postal workers in Italy. Postal workers in the small town of Peschiera Borromeo intercepted the letter. The suspicious envelope, was found overnight at a mail sorting facility in a Milan suburb, according to police. It had been sent from France. The envelope was handwritten (almost illegibly) in pen to: "The Pope - Vatican City - Piazza San Pietro in Rome". It contained three bullets presumed to be for a pistol and a message referring to financial operations at the Vatican. An investigation is currently being conducted.
The three cartridges were seized by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di San Donato Milanese (Milan) and the investigations are carried out by the investigative unit of the provincial command of Milan. The three Flobert-type pellets, were for  a caliber 9 millimeters.