Powerful Prayer to St. Mary Mackillop - Novena to Mother Mary of the Cross + VIDEO Biography 1st Saint of Australia - #Mackillop

NOVENA Prayer through the intercession of St.  Mary Mackillop (St Mary of the CROSS) (Biographical Video below prayer)
A novena is a prayer repeated for nine consecutive days, or once a week for nine weeks. It can be prayed by individuals or groups. A Statement of Faith should precede the saying of the prayer each time.
 The following is an example of such a statement of faith: We believe in God’s everlasting love for all and through faith and great confidence in that love our petition will be granted. Therefore, in the desire to promote God’s greater honour and glory, we pray, through the intercession of St Mary of the Cross, for (insert intention) .
 The statement of faith is followed by this prayer: Most loving God, we thank you for the example of St Mary of the Cross, who, in her living of the gospel, witnessed to the human dignity of each person. She faced life’s challenges with faith and courage. We pray, through her intercession, for our need – (insert name)'s return to good health. We make this prayer through Jesus, the Lord. Amen.
Say 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be Each day for 9 Days
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