Wow Catholic Polish Olympian Auctions the Silver Medal she Won for a Sick Baby who Needs Surgery - An Inspiration!

The Catholic Polish Olympian, Maria M. Andrejczyk won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics as a javelin thrower. However, Maria Andrejczyk, age 25, put the medal up for auction to help save a baby's life. (See picture below) On August 11th, 2021, she wrote that she was raising funds for Miłoszek Małysa, an 8-month-old baby boy who needs to travel from Poland to Stanford University in California to have heart surgery.
 Due to the kindness of a donor (ŻABKA - mały wielki sklep - a group of Polish Grocery stores) Andrejczyk raised the money, $125,000 USD, but was allowed to keep the medal.  "Miłoszek has a serious heart defect, he needs an operation," Andrejczyk wrote on her Facebook Page. "And this is how I want to help too. It is for him that I am auctioning off my Olympic silver medal."

Maria is a practicing Catholic who said, "I pray before each competition." In an interview for "Onet Sport", before going to the Olympics she also explained that she was brought up in a deeply religious, Catholic family, and faith is an important in her life. 

Maria affirmed, "I believe that everything is happening according to God's plan."

 Maria Andrejczyk threw the javelin 64.61 and won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

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