Catholic Bishops of Chile Release Pro-Life Statement saying “Biological science confirms that from the moment of fertilization a new human life begins..." after New Bill Threatens Unborn - FULL TEXT

Press Release Cath. Bishops of Chile: After the approval, in the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, of the idea of ​​legislating the bill that decriminalizes abortion up to 14 weeks of gestation, the Bishops of the Catholic Church deeply regret this decision and we reaffirm, before the opinion public, essential values ​​that are at stake in this matter ”.
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

In a statement dated this September 29, the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Chile states that: "The value of life and the dignity of the human person are an essential and inalienable foundation of life in society," adding that as Pope Francis recalls, "the defense of life to be born is intimately linked to the defense of any human right."  
The bishops add that “the first of human rights is the right to life, which must be respected from conception to natural death. For this reason, not deliberately and directly killing the innocent is a moral absolute whose recognition and protection is essential for life in community ”.

“Biological science confirms that from the moment of fertilization a new human life begins, different from that of the father and the mother, which in a continuous, gradual and autonomous process, will develop over time. Sheltered and dependent on the mother, he is not, however, part of her body, but another being, so his individuality must be respected ”, the bishops recall, citing the statement “ The human right to life, a dignified life for all "2015. They emphasize that unconditional respect for human life should guide any ethical, legislative, human and health consideration in the face of the reality of an unwanted pregnancy: “It is clear that there are complex human situations, and sometimes dramatic, that can arise from a pregnancy. But none of this is solved with the deliberate elimination of a defenseless and innocent human being ", adding that a society is measured in its capacity to take care of the weakest, from the dignity that is their own, and not trying to" solve the problems. problems through violence ”.

Although the pro-abortion legislation often starts out as an exception, the pastors express that experience says that it ends up affirming a “right to abortion” and the primacy of “the sexual and reproductive rights of women, being completely ignored. the existence and rights of another human being. A mentality is created contrary to the life of the person engendered, as if the child were a thing or an enemy, and not a human being, a wonderful gift from God ”. Given this, the bishops affirm that, as they declared days ago - quoting Pope Francis - regarding the immigrants in Iquique, "If the dignity of the human person is not safe and, on the contrary, we consider some of them less valuable or disposable, there is no future either for fraternity or for the survival of humanity."

Finally, Catholics “called to act in public life” are reminded from the convictions of faith and the arguments of reason, that “the immorality of abortion is among the constant teachings of the Church”, quoting Pope John Paul II who in the Encyclical Evangelium vitae declared “that direct abortion, that is, intended as an end or as a means, is always a serious moral disorder, as the deliberate elimination of an innocent human being. This doctrine is based on natural law and on the written Word of God ”. The bishops conclude their message by praying that the Lord "illuminate the conscience and hearts of those who must make decisions in favor of the common good, so that they always defend the most vulnerable", entrusting to the Virgin Mary all care and promotion of life human.

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