Video Message of Pope Francis to Youth 4 Climate - "There must be harmony between people, men and women, and the environment."




[Milan, 29 September 2021]


Dear young people,

I wish to thank you for the dreams and projects of good that you have and for the fact that you are concerned both with human relations and with care for the environment. Thanks. It is a concern that is good for everyone. This vision is capable of putting the adult world in crisis, as it reveals the fact that not only are you prepared for action, but you are also open to patient listening, constructive dialogue and mutual understanding.

Therefore I encourage you to join efforts through a broad educational alliance to form generations solid in good, mature, capable of overcoming fragmentation and rebuilding the fabric of relationships so that we can reach a more fraternal humanity. It is said that you are the future, but in these things you are the present, you are the ones who are building today, in the present, the future. The Global Education Pact - which was launched in 2019 - goes in this direction and seeks to give shared responses to the historical change that humanity is experiencing and that the pandemic has made even more evident. Technical and political solutions are not sufficient if they are not supported by the responsibility of each member and by an educational process that fosters a cultural model of development and sustainability centered on fraternity and on the alliance between the human being and the environment. There must be harmony between people, men and women, and the environment. We are not enemies, we are not indifferent. We are part of this cosmic harmony.

Through common ideas and projects it will be possible to find solutions that overcome energy poverty and place the care of common goods at the center of national and international policies, promoting sustainable production, the circular economy, the pooling of adequate technologies. It is time to make wise decisions so that the many experiences acquired in recent years are valued, in order to make possible a culture of care, a culture of responsible sharing.

I accompany you on your journey and encourage you to carry on the work for the good of humanity. God bless you all! Thanks. FULL TEXT + Image Screenshot from